Outlook Add In

Open a summary view pane from within Outlook showing the details of all records linked with the sender's email address.

Easily access associated records and log histories from Outlook.



Setup Instructions

Within Outlook, click on the ‘Get Add-ins’ icon:

Then click on ‘My add ins’ and go the section ‘Custom add-ins’.

Select to ‘Add a custom add-in’ from URL and enter the below URL:



This will install the Colleague 7 Outlook Add in.

From this point on when selecting an email, you will be able to click on the Colleague icon in the toolbar:

Provided the sender’s email address exists against a record within the Colleague system, you will then be able to get the Colleague Summary View within Outlook:


In instances where there is more than one record associated to an email address you will have a record count with next & previous arrows to navigate through the records:


At this time you will be able to:

  • View all selected fields as per your Summary View settings
  • If there are mulitple records linked with the email address you will be able to scroll through them using a record count / arrow buttons.
  • Access the record in Colleague by clicking the name
  • Create a History against the record
  • Access the associated Company (if it is a Contact record) by clicking the Company name
  • Use the ‘Click to Dial’ feature against all phone numbers (if you have this enabled).
  • Use the Create History prompt on ‘click to dial’ (if you have this enabled)
  • Dock the Summary View in Outlook
  • Parse Email Attachments
  • Attach Documents to Existing Records


Expect near term future versions to offer the ability to:

  • Option for the Add In to be accessible from a Calendar entry.
  • Track whether an email has already been logged and offer a manual 'Log Email' option if not already registered.