Release Notes - 20.08.02

Sprint Goal: Deliver the next phase of the Outlook Add-in alongside minor updates based on client demand.

Upgrade Date: 06/09/20



Outlook Add-in (1.2)

The next version of the Colleague 7 Outlook Add-in is now available.

This version includes:

  • The ability to select specific dates and times when creating History
  • The ability to pin the Add-in
  • The option to Parse an attachment
  • The option to Attach a document to records
  • Minor UI updates and improvements to design

Those who have already downloaded the add-in will automatically see these updates within their Outlook sessions.

The one feature that requires a fresh install is the ability to pin the Add-in. In order to receive this option you will need to remove the add-in and reinstall using the below link:

Instructions to install are as per the original post:


Auto-select Diary and Tasks when making an Offer

There are now Global and User settings which will configure whether the Diary and Task panels appear by default when making an Offer.

Within Global/User Settings, under the Offer section you will see these options:

  • Automatically Create Diary Upon Making an Offer
  • Automatically Create Task Upon Making an Offer

Based on whether these are set to Yes or No will dictate whether the panels are shown on the Offer form.

The Diary and Task subject will also auto-populate, as will the start date, reminder and due date of Tasks.


Moving / Editing Users within Teams

When in Admin > Teams, if you want to move a user from one Team to another, there is now workflow to enable this.

When in the Teams area, on selection of a User or Team, you will see an option called 'Move Team or User'. When pressed, this will allow you to select a new Team.

This helps to ensure users are able to move Users between Teams and maintain the user's link to record ownership.

If you delete a user from one team and add the same user to another Team this breaks the link and removes their ownership from records.


Ability to Rename Document via Parser Setting

There is now a new Global Setting which allows you to set the naming convention of documents when they are parsed onto the system.

Under the 'Integrations' section, you will find the option 'Rename document when the Candidate is registered via CV Parser'

There are four options:

  • Keep Original Name
  • Candidate ID
  • Candidate Name
  • Candidate Name & ID

Based on this selection, it will rename the document filename when registering via the CV Parser.


Number of Skill Occurrences

When using the 'Scan Document' feature (on skills tab of all records), it will now advise the number of times a skill has been found and sort the skills by the skill count.



Bug Fixes

History Text Format

It was raised that the email body of logged emails were coming through into history logs as a single string line of text.

The cause of this issue was established and a fix was applied during the evening of Wednesday 2nd September.


Merge fields on Requirement > Send CV

It was raised that the newly updated merge fields on the Send CV form were failing to populate correctly against Candidates and Contacts.

This was resolved during the sprint and a fix was applied during the evening of Wednesday 2nd September.