Release Notes - 20.07.01

Sprint Goal: Deliver the first phase of Colleague 7's new Outlook Add-In and enhance the Skills tab of records with a 'Scan Document' feature.

Upgrade Date: 12/07/20



Colleague Outlook Add-In

This iteration of Colleague 7 introduces the new Colleague Outlook Add-In.

This allows users to be able to access record details associated with sender email addresses within their Outlook inbox.


Import file URL:


For more information, including setup instructions and a video regarding the AddIn please click here


Scan Document

When on the Skills tab of a Candidate, Company, Contact or Requirement there is now an option called 'Scan Document'.

This will list all of the available documents (which can be scanned - no images), giving you the means to select a document and scan a document for skills.

The skills that have been found are then listed on the right hand panel. Whether the 'Skills Found' select all tick box is selected by default will be defined by the same Global/User Setting which works with the CV Parser ('When parsing, add skills to the new record by default?').

On clicking 'Save' the select skills will be saved to the record.


API - Advanced Requirement Search

There is now an additional API option which supports searching on Requirements based on any field criteria, including custom fields.

This has been done to enable web developers with the ability to extract selected Requirements so that they can be displayed as required on their website.

Colleague intends to offer a standardised job search function which will act as a plugin to your website utilising this function. More info will follow on this subject.


4.8 .Net Framework (Compliance and Testing)

All Colleague 7 web apps have been updated to run on 4.8 .Net Framework as per Microsoft guidelines.



Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 23/06/20 – 07/07/20

Watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 7:16