Release Notes - 24.02.02 (February 24)

Release: This release consists of the development undertaken under the sprints: 24.02.01 & 24.02.02.

Key Features: New User Overview Design, Warning When Workflow Hasn't Been Completed Before Leaving The Page, Multiple Lists Related Features and more...

Upgrade Date: 03/03/24



HOMEPAGE - New User Overview Panels (with Parameter Option & Report Targets)

This release introduces a new User Overview design which allows for the User to alter the parameters of the panels and an Administrator to set visible Targets:

Users will have a range of default periods to choose from as well as the option to enter their own unique date range:


Users will be able to edit their own panels from within the User Settings area:


An Administrator will be able to edit the panels assigned to Users from the Admin > User Overview area:


The majority of these new panels will have an associated target which can be assigned within Report Targets maintenance:


User profile pictures can be added against their User Record in Admin (


For an overview on the standard User Overview Panels and their associated Targets please click below:


NOTE: We appreciate that Users may have setup their current User Overview dashboards in a specific layout, so to avoid disruption we will contact you directly regarding switching over the new User Overview design on your system.
If you are keen and would like to be switched to this new design as soon as possible, please contact the Support Team and we will arrange this for you.


SYSTEM - Unfinished Workflow Warning Alerts

This release introduces warning alerts in the event that a User begins to run some workflow (such as sending an Email or arranging an Interview) and then clicks to navigate away from the record or attempts to close the tab before they have pressed 'Send' or 'Save'.

NOTE: The alert warning will only be activated if the User types or edits the workflow in someway before trying to leave the page.


CANDIDATE/CONTACT - Mailshot Status Expiry

The 'Mailshot Status' field on the Candidate, Company and Contact record has been updated with an extra 'Mailshot Expires' field.

In the event that a User is setting the status to 'Allow None', it will now give the option to set a date for when this status will 'expire' and reset the 'Mailshot Status' field back to 'Allow All'.

This is to accommodate the scenario of pausing communication with a Candidate or Contact for an agreed period of time.

As part of this update, we have also updated the Mailshot Status field to generate a history when it is changed (both manually and when automatically reset by the expiry setting).


LISTS - Add Contacts to List(s) from Company Contacts tab

It will now be possible to add Contacts to Lists from the Company Contacts tab.

When in a Company and on the Contacts tab, tick the Contacts and either right click or the select the options in the toolbar to Add the selected Contacts to a List (or Remove them from a List).


LISTS - Add Candidates to Lists from Requirement Candidates table

It will now be possible to add Candidates to Lists from the Requirement Candidates table on a Requirement.

When in a Requirement and on the Candidates tab, tick the Candidates and either right click or select from the Candidates sub menu 'Add Requirement Candidate(s) to List(s)':


LISTS - Bulk Remove Records from Lists (via Lists and Search Results)

It will now be possible to bulk remove records from Lists, either via the Lists area or from a Search Result.

From within Lists, select the records you wish to remove (via tickbox) and press 'Remove from List':


From within Search Results, select the records (via tickbox) and choose 'Remove from List(s)':


GDPR - GDPR Consent Merge Fields for Automated Consent Requests

When sending a GDPR consent request, it will now be possible to add GDPR Consent merge fields to email templates, rather than needing to manually select the 'GDPR Consent Request' icon on the email form:

The GDPR Consent merge fields are:


These will be available on the Candidate and Contact entity.

These merge fields can also be used with automated emails sent via our background service (i.e. Welcome Emails).


WHATSAPP - Integration & User Interface Updates

Further to our recent integration with WhatsApp, and based on client feedback, we have added the following enhancements to the integration: 

Support for Multiple Mobile Numbers

The initial release supported only one mobile number per system. This has been updated to support each user to store their own WhatsApp mobile number against User Settings:

History and Discussion Merge Codes

Merge codes used within WhatsApp templates will now bring through and display all merged data as part of the history log and conversation table.


WhatsApp Icon for Histories

WhatsApp Icon added to icon set:


Refresh Button

Option for panel to be left open and refreshed to bring through latest responses:


Candidate & Contact Portal

EXPENSES - 'Net' field editable on Candidate Portal for Expenses

On the Candidate Portal, it will now be possible for the Candidate to enter their expense value either as 'Net' or 'Gross'.

It will then auto calculate the accompanying 'Net' or 'Gross' value (depending on which field has been entered) based on the selected VAT rate.


EXPENSES - Option to set 'Expense Date'

When in the Candidate Portal and adding an Expense, the Candidate will now be able to advise the date the expense took place:


Bug Fixes

Personal Setting Column Options being lost and reverting to System Defaults

A further improvement has been applied to help prevent saved column choices, stored within a User's Personal Settings, from being lost.


End Date Merge Field Incorrect when Early Finishing a Placement

When using the Early Finish feature on a Placement, and sending a confirmation email as part of the workflow, it was raised that the 'End Date' merge field was using the Original Placement End Date, not the Finish Date.

This has now been resolved.


Flag Setting - Apostrophe Issue

It was raised that when using 'Flag Settings' on the Search, if the wording of the 'Flag Setting' contained an apostrophe, it would cause an error.

This has now been resolved.


Emailing Contacts from Lists causing Object Reference error

When bulk emailing Contacts from a List, there was a scenario that triggered an 'Object Reference' error.

This was resolved as a hotfix.


When Editing Addresses within Offers - Address appears outside of record body

Further to the new UI updates, it was raised that when editing an address within an Offer record, the address fields would appear outside of the main content body.

This has now been resolved.


Global Setting to make Applicant Source field mandatory inconsistent

The Global Setting which ensures it is mandatory to advise the 'Source' when Longlisting a Candidate to a Requirement was not always working as expected.

This has now been resolved.