Release Notes - 22.12.02

Sprint Goal: Enhance the 'Click to Dial' feature to automatically log a history when pressed and continue delivering updates to the new Standard Reports based on client feedback.

Upgrade Date: 31/12/22



HISTORY - Click to Dial now automatically creates 'Telephone' History

This release introduces an update to the 'Click to Dial' functionality so that, when pressed, a history is automatically created to track an outgoing call.

There is a new Global Setting: Admin > Global Settings > System section


When clicking on the telephone icon, positioned to the right of all telephone number fields:

Or when clicking on a telephone number within a list view:


Whilst making the call, the system will automatically log a history against the record to record that a call was made:


REPORTS - Reporting Updates

Further to the recent updates made in the Reports area, more enhancements and fixes were made to improve our standard reports based on feedback: 

  • Consultant GP report - Totals have now been split out between Perm and Contract
  • Runners Report - Updated to include User/Team parameter to filter on runners for specific users
  • Timesheet Summary - New Parameter added to 'Include Timesheet Charges' to be part of the Net Charge & Net Pay values
  • User Activity - Pie Chart area updated to refresh stats table when new filters are selected


PORTALS - Allow Contact Portal to view Timesheet/Charge Detail

Within the Contact Portal, it is now possible for the Contact to view the specific units against the dates of a Timesheet, as well as the detail behind an Expenses claim. This was previously limited to summary information.


CANDIDATES - Candidates Requirements tab - Applicant Source column

It is now possible to view the 'Applicant Source' as a column from within a Candidate record > Requirements tab:



Bug Fixes

Entries Pagination Issue on all Reports

It was noted that when setting the default 'Entries' option on any of the tables on a report, it would respect the requested number on the first page but then default back to '25' when on any other pages.

This has now been resolved.


Copy Selected Currency when Creating Requirement from Lead

It was raised that when creating a Requirement from a Lead, the selected currency of the Lead was not copied across to the Requirement.

This has now been resolved.


Summary View when selecting Contacts on a Company

When on a Company record and selecting Contacts (via tickboxes), the Summary View was not always activating correctly.

This has now been resolved.


Mailshot Status checks when sending email from Company Contacts area

It was raised that the checks around 'Mailshot Status' when sending emails from the Company Contacts area needed improvement.