Release Notes - 22.11.01

Sprint Goal: Replace older style SSRS reporting in Colleague 7 with a more current data table/charting solution for UI and performance benefit.

Upgrade Date: 13/11/22



REPORTS - Replace Older Style SSRS Reports With Updated Data Tables

The original versions of Colleague's standard reports were built using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Example of SSRS report:


SSRS is no longer supported within Microsoft Azure. As a result, Colleague have redeveloped our standard reports and will be deploying the below updated versions as part of this release:

  • Interview Activity
  • Company League Table
  • Invoice Daybook
  • Payment Daybook
  • Timesheet Summary
  • Consultant GP
  • Return on Investment
  • SMS Activity
  • Xero Extract

This update offers significant performance benefit to the hosting web servers and end users when loading, sorting and exporting reported data. The newer style reports also include a 'Save as Default' option to default the parameter criteria.


Updated Design:


Further updates will follow with regards to the remaining reports.


BACKGROUND SERVICE - Performance Updates

As part of our ongoing efforts to optimise backend processing, the below updates have been delivered:

  • Update the email logging process to log histories as they are being sent. Add 'emailrecipient.recordid' to outgoing email and only create history if the email is sent successfully
  • Update Sent items email logging process to not log emails sent if they have a record id added to them (as per the above update)
  • Ensure that plain text emails are logged as expected


USER OVERVIEW - New User Overview Dials

Two additional user overview dials will be available as part of this release:

  1. Longlisted Candidates this week by User - This will track the number of Candidates a User has Longlisted to a Requirement within the current calendar week 
  2. Shortlisted Candidates this week by User - This will track the number of Candidates a User has Shortlisted on a Requirement within the current calendar week 


PLACEMENT - View Commission Splits from Placement Selection Screen

An additional column option has now been added to the Placement Selection Screen, so that users can view Commission Splits from this area:


CANDIDATE - New Candidate Summary

As part of our SSRS project to replace the standard reports, this release includes a new Candidate Summary tab in theme with the recent Team Overview updates:

Old Design:


New Design:



Bug Fixes

Summary View - Performance Update

Several updates have been applied to ensure the request for Summary View data occurs on demand rather than via an asynchronous call in the background. This update removes unnecessary loading and backend processing when dealing with Search Results, Selection Screens and Requirements with a high volume of Candidates.

Performance improvements were also delivered surrounding the management of column sorting when the Summary View was in use.


Broadbean Export (Salary - 4 Decimal Places)

It was raised that the Broadbean posting process would upload minimum and maximum salaries with four decimal places. This has been updated to be two.


Cancel Interview to Give Option to Delete Associated Calendar Entry

Further to the update in the previous sprint to ensure, when editing an interview, it updated the associated Calendar entry in Outlook.

There is now a further check when cancelling an Interview which will ask if you wish to delete the entry from your Calendar.


Cannot Send SMS More Than Once Without Refresh

It was raised that once you have sent an SMS message from a record, if you then tried to send a message a second time the 'Send' button was unresponsive.

This has now been resolved.