Release Notes - 22.09.02

Sprint Goal: Introduce a new Leads area to enable the management of Business Development activity.

Upgrade Date: 15/10/22



LEADS - New Leads Entity

This release introduces an entirely new entity for managing Leads.

Leads can be created from the 'Quick Create' menu or from the new 'Leads' Selection Screen, which is available from the main navigation menu.



Once created, a Lead can be linked with an existing Contact/Company or can be a stand alone record to track a potential opportunity.

The Lead record consists of the main tabs of a standard record:

  • Basic - Standard Lead field data
  • History - A table of the history and workflows run against the Lead
  • Documents - An area to store documentation regarding the Lead
  • Notes - Freetext area for Notes regarding the Lead
  • Custom Fields - Any/all custom fields required by the business to be added to a Lead
  • Checklist - For configuring client specific tasks against a Lead
  • Requirements - A table of the Requirements which have been created from the Lead

The Lead record has it's own Status and Source lookups which can be edited by an Administrator. The Status lookup has standard lookup codes including: New (default), Qualified, Converted & Closed.

There is a 'Days Open' field which will auto calculate the number of days since the created date of the Lead.

The Lead record consists of the main features of a standard record:

  • Email - Emails sent from a Lead record are recorded against the Lead as history
  • Create History - Creates a history against the Lead
  • Calendar/Task - Creates a Calendar or Task associated to the Lead
  • Set Checklist Task (Reminder) - Creates a Task associated to the Checklist Item on the Lead
  • Ownership - Set one or mulitple Owners against the Lead
  • Add to List - Adds requested Leads to Lists
  • Set As Default Tab - Set the default landing tab of the Lead record
  • Create Company - Opens the Create New Company form in a new tab, so it can be associated to the Lead 
  • Create Contact - Opens the Create New Contact form in a new tab, so it can be associated to the Lead
  • Create Requirement - Opens the Create New Requirement form in a new tab, with details from the Lead copied across into the form. The new Requirement is then associated with the Lead.

There is also a 'Latest Stage' field which can be viewed from the Leads Selection Screen table and will advise the last completed Checklist Item as per the Checklist sequence.


This is enabled as standard for all Users, but can be hidden based off a User Group Permission:

Admin > User Group Permissions > Leads > Show Leads


Click here to download more information regarding the Leads Entity

Additional updates will also be considered based on client feedback.


REPORTS - Consultant Activity Report - Team Filter

When using the Consultant Activity Report, it is now possible to filter the reported Users by their associated Team(s).

Within the 'Parameters' section of the report, you will find a 'Teams' dropdown.

Based on the selected Team(s), it will then filter the Users list.


ADMIN - Collapse & Open Teams/Sub Teams

The 'Teams' area within the Admin section will now allow you to collapse and open different Teams (similiar to how you can collapse and open parent Skills).

The same update has been applied to the Ownership partial views.


ALL - Five Extra Note Tabs Added

On each of the main Entity records (Candidate, Contact, etc), there has previously been five Note tabs to add freetext Notes against records. This has now been increase to ten.

As with the previous Note tabs, to add an extra Note tab to a record, the Administrator needs to label the Note tab within Global Settings.

(i.e. Admin > Global Settings > Candidate > Note section 6 name)


COMPANY - Summary View to Company Selection Screen

When in the Company Selection Screen, you can now select one or more Companies and view details regarding these records via the Summary View:


OFFER - Set Back Office Fields as Mandatory when Accepting Offer

It is now possible to set Back Office related fields as mandatory in order to 'Accept' an Offer record.

When in Admin > Mandatory Fields, select the Entity 'Offer'. You will notice additional Back Office related fields within the 'Available Fields' list.

Ensure the 'Scope' is set to 'Accept Offer' when assigning the fields.


Minor UI Tweaks

  • Updated CSS for main navigational scrollbar to appear lighter and in theme with the UI
  • When adding a Document to a Checklist Item, it will no longer refresh the whole record as part of uploading the Document.
  • When adding a Document to a Checklist Item, It will also now ensure the Document is added to the Documents area of the record. If you then replace the Document on the Checklist Item, the Document will remain in the Documents area until deleted. This is to help ensure Documents are not lost or overwritten against Checklist Items and retrain the audit trail.
  • There are now additional User Group Permissions under the 'Calendar & Tasks' Permission Folder to specify whether to show the Daily Planner, Calendar and Tasks on the main navigation menu. These are all set to be shown by default.



Bug Fixes

Document Index not Carried Over on Copy Requirement

It was raised that when using the 'Copy Requirement' feature, the copying of Documents from the older Requirement to the new one would not assign the Document Index to the copied documents.

This has now been resolved.


Update Data when Custom Fields are Changed

When updating the labels of existing Custom Fields, it was raised that this process created new instances of the Custom Fields within Selection Options, but also retained the older labels making them appear blank as if the data was lost.

This has now been resolved.


Align Quick Search Functions Throughout System to Use Weighting

The Quick Search uses a rank algorithm to sort the results by their relevance, however not all partial view options which used the Quick Search (such as Linking another record to a History or Linking a record to a Diary Event) would use this same ranking score to sort the results.

This has now been resolved.


Exceed Licence Count Handling

Further enhanced security handling is now in place to improve how the system manages when the licence key has been exceeded with too many assigned Users.


Duplicate Mailchimp History Records

It was raised that Mailchimp campaign event logs were duplicating against their associated records.

This has now been resolved.


Issue with Archived Contact Warning on Candidate - Link to Requirement Workflow

When Longlisting a Candidate to a Requirement, it was noted that there was a scenario which triggered the 'Archived Contact' warning message in error.

This has now been resolved.


Missing CC and BCC field for Email form on Placement Selection Screen

When using the email form on the Placement Selection Screen, the 'CC' and 'BCC' fields were absent from the email form.

These have now been added.


Issue Copying Invoice Address to Placement Extension

It was raised that if you changed the Invoice Address of an original Placement, and then extended the Placement, the Invoice Address on the Extension was changed back to the primary 'Invoice Address' set against the Company.

This has now been updated to ensure the Extension Invoice Address is a copy of the Original Placement.