Release Notes - 22.08.01

Sprint Goal: Deliver improvements to the Daily Planner, continue to enhance the new Retainer workflow (based on feedback) and introduce the ability to view history via the Summary View.

Upgrade Date: 21/08/22



DAILY PLANNER: Complete, Extend and Change Priority of Tasks

In this release, we have made several enhancements to the Daily Planner.

The first key update has been in the manner in which the Daily Planner retrieves a User's Tasks and Calendar Entries. This has been significantly improved and will now work much faster than before.

The Daily Planner & the Tasks area has also been updated with the ability to select mulitple Tasks and 'Extend Task(s)'. This will give users the ability to set a new due date to one or multiple Tasks as well as increase the priority of the Task as part of running the workflow.

There is also now the ability to complete Tasks in bulk from the Daily Planner as well as change the priority of Tasks in a separate workflow.


SUMMARY VIEW - View History

The Summary View, which is available as an optional window to view record details when on a Search or Selection Screen Search Result, has now been updated with the ability to view the last 25 histories against a record.

The 'History Type' filter will default to the histories you have set on the History tab of the selected record type.

The history content will be displayed in a brief summary with a mouseover tooltip available to advise the rest of the history text.


RETAINERS - Executive Search - Updates

Further to the initial release of the Retainers feature on the Requirement record to accomodate the Executive Search process, the following updates have now been made based on the feedback we received:

Manual Retainer - It will now be possible to create a manual retainer which is not linked to any workflow.

AutoComplete Yes/No Setting - There is now a Yes/No setting to dictate whether the Retainer should automatically set as Complete when the required number of units has been reached.

Back Office Yes/No Setting - It was previously configured so that the use of the Back Office functionality was a mandatory component to the use of the Retainers feature. There is now a Global Setting to set whether the Back Office features are to be used with the Retainer workflow.

Global Settings > Requirement > Use Back Office for Retainers in Requirements    

Interview Stage Type Option - It is now possible to set a specific Interview Type when creating a Retainer linked to the Interview workflow. This then increments the count based on interviews arranged using the specified Type (i.e. 1st Interview) rather than the interview workflow in general.

Minor Bug Fixing - UI tweaks such as tab colouring when missing mandatory fields and the asterisk needing to be red were delivered. Also updates to the UI to ensure certain workflows (such as 'Delete Retainer Item') appeared and disappeared as an option when appropriate.



CHECKLISTS - Report Update

The standard Checklist Activity report has now been updated with the ability to report on specified checklist items.

This is a dynamic filter which will update based on the selected entity.


TEXT CRITERIA SEARCH - Option to Search Over Default Documents Only

When Text Criteria searching over Candidates, there is now the option to search across 'Default Documents' only.


CHECKLISTS - Create Reminder Task from Checklist Item

It will now be possible to create Reminder Tasks for Checklist items.

When in a Checklist item, there is now the option from the main toolbar to 'Add Checklist Task':

This will prepopulate the name of the Checklist item into the subject of a Task and link the Task to the record, so it will appear in your Daily Planner as per the below example:


REQUIREMENT - Benefits field Character Limit Increase

The Benefits field on the Requirement has been updated to hold an unlimited number of characters (previously limited to 255).


REQUIREMENT - Export Requirement Candidates table into Excel

It is now possible to Export the Candidates table on a Requirement into Excel.

This is based off a User Group Permission: Admin > User Group Permission > Requirement > Export Requirement Candidate Table

When enabled and on the Candidates tab of a Requirement, either from the right click menu or 'Candidates' menu, there will now be an option to 'Export Candidates Table'. This includes exporting all Candidates or only selected Candidates.


This will export the Candidates table into Excel.


CHECKLISTS - Default Status on Checklist Item

It is now possible to set the Default Status of a Checklist item.

This will automatically assign the status to a Checklist item, provided the status field has not been edited.

Within Admin > Checklists - select the Checklist item and then set the Default Status field.


PERMANENT PLACEMENT - List Associated Invoices in new Table

When on a Permanent or Fixed Term Contract Placement, the associated Invoices/Rebates of that Placement will now be listed in a table.


MOBILE UI - Summary View Introduced

When using the Mobile UI and selecting a record, it will now display the details of that record in a Summary View format.

This enables users of the Mobile UI to create Histories against records, view additional record information and see Skills.


USER GROUP PERMISSIONS - Edit Candidate, Company and Contact Name

There are now three additional User Group Permissions which dictate whether a User has the ability to edit the name of a record.

These are each located against the entity type:

  • Admin > User Group Permissions > Candidate > Update Candidate Name
  • Admin > User Group Permissions > Company > Update Company Name
  • Admin > User Group Permissions > Contact > Update Contact Name


PLACEMENT SEARCH - 'Active Today' Option

An additional option has been added to the 'Date' field dropdown list on the Placement Selection Screen.

This will allow you to choose an option called 'Active Today'. This will find all Placements which have a start date before or equal to today's date and an end date equal to or after today's date.

This will include open ended Placements.



Bug Fixes

Issue with Multi Select On Placement Selection

When using the Placement Selection Screen, the Term field was recently updated to be a multi-select dropdown. This was well received, however there were some tweaks needed to make this work better when searching. These have now been delivered.


Ownership Not Transferred when using 'Copy Requirement' Process

When using the 'Copy Requirement' function on the Requirement record, it was previously not possible to copy the original Ownership of the Requirement to the new Requirement record. This has now been made possible.

As this may not always be appropriate, this has been made a configurable setting, same as the ability to copy the previously longlisted Candidates.


Interview Feedback - Requirement History

Previously when logging Interview Feedback, the details of the Requirement would not be listed correctly in the 'Linked Records' table on the History. This has now been resolved.


Issue with Applicant Source - Allow Selection Setting

Following a recent update, it is now possible to set whether the 'Applicant Source' on the Requirement Candidates table is a lookup or freetext/lookup field. The issue raised was that when set to lookup, the source list was not factoring in the 'Allow Selection' setting. This has now been resolved.


Add Documents to Charges without refreshing the Placement

Previously when adding a new Document to a Charge on a Placement, it would refresh the entire Placement as part of completing the process, this has now been updated to add the document without needing to refresh. Same update has been applied to Timesheet Charges.


Delete Address option on Candidate needed to update Payment Address dropdown

When on a Candidate, it was noted that if you went to the Payment Address dropdown after deleting an Address (without refreshing the record) it would still include the recently deleted address. This has now been resolved.


No Scrollbar on Contact Secondary Addresses

When on a Contact, on the Addresses tab, it was raised that the Secondary Addresses multiselect dropdown did not contain a scrollbar. If a Company had many addresses, only a small number of those addresses would be listed.

This has now been updated with a scrollbar.


Add Rates option when switching Requirement Type

When on a Requirement and switching the Type from Permanent to Contract, the additional 'Rates' tab would appear. However you would need to refresh the Requirement before the 'Add New Rate' option became available. This has now been resolved.


TLS Update

Colleague 7 application has updated to work with TLS 1.2.