Release Notes - 22.07.01

Sprint Goal: Deliver the functionality to support Retainers against Requirements in order to accomodate Executive Search processing.

Upgrade Date: 24/07/22



Retainers (Executive Search)

Colleague 7 now includes the ability to create Retainer records against Requirements catering for Executive Search processing.

For more information on how to run this workflow please click here.

The 'How To' video will follow shortly.


Right Click Menu on Requirement Candidates

When on Requirement > Candidates tab, you can now access the workflow available from the 'Candidates' menu via the right click menu.

Tick one or more Candidates on the table and then right click to see the menu options:


Requirement Candidates - 'Applicant Source' Updates

The following updates have been made with regards to the 'Applicant Source' field on Requirement Candidate records:

  • There is now a Global Setting which dictates whether the 'Applicant Source' field is a Lookup or Freetext/Lookup field.
    • This is configured via a Global Setting (Admin > Global Settings > Requirement section > 'Allow the Applicant Source dropdown to also contain freetext.' Yes/No)
  • Link to Requirement > Prepopulate the Source field with the Candidate Source when running the Link to Requirement workflow.
    • This will only appear if the Source field is set to appear, as per the Global Setting (Admin > Global Settings > Requirement section > 'Include Source Field when adding Candidate to Requirement?' Yes/No)
  • Source list updated to ensure any Candidate Source lookup codes with ‘Allow Selection’ set to ‘No’ can not be selected in the lookup on ‘Link to Requirement’, ‘Longlist a Candidate’ and when editing 'Candidate Details' on a Requirement.
  • When creating a ‘Requirement Candidate’ record via the API, the Source field is now blank if not provided.
  • The 'Applicant Source' of an existing Requirement Candidate record cannot be overwritten via the API.


Candidate & Contact Portals - Add Timesheet Charges & Placement Charges (Expenses)

The Colleague Candidate and Contact Portals have now been updated to allow for the processing of Expenses, this includes the ability to handle Placement Charges and Timesheet Charges (including associated supporting documents).


Multi-Select Option for Adding Placement Checklist Item

When adding Checklist items to a Placement, it is now possible to select mulitple items and add to the Checklist in one process.


Multi-Select Type Field - Candidates, Companies and Contacts

The Type field on a Candidate, Company & Contact is now a multi-select option.

This supports the scenario of a record being categorised under more than one type (for example Permanent and Fixed Term for a Candidate, Main Contact and Invoice Contact for a Contact)

Searching will work by factoring in any selected Type against the record.

The 'Type' merge fields will list the selected options as a comma separated list.

Other functionality such as the Checklist Type filter on Candidate records and the Contact Type filter on Company records have also been updated.


Ability to set Placeholder Text on Note tabs

You will now be able to set the default text which appears when you are accessing the Notes tab of a record (if it has no Note content).


Minor UI Updates

  • There is now a refresh button on the right handside of the History table when on the History tab of any record
  • When adding a Charge on a Timesheet, this pulls through the Tax Code from the Backoffice tab, however it used to be non modifiable. This can now be edited.
  • When running 'Interview Feedback' the History log will now be linked with the Contact, Requirement, Candidate and Company.
  • 'Add New Contact' has been added to the Company right click menu
  • The 'Date Sent' field has been added to the Interview Activity report



Bug Fixes

Error on Default tab on Company Checklist

When on a Company record, if you set the Checklist tab to be the default tab when opening the record it would generate an error.

This has now been resolved.


Margin not being pulled through to Offer record

It was raised that when creating an Offer for a Permanent or Fixed Term Contract, the calculated margin would come across to the Offer record as '0'.

This has now been resolved.


'No Documents Available' Message Doesn't Clear Down

When using the email form anywhere in the system and selecting to attach a document from another record, if you selected a record with no documents the attachments dropdown would advise 'No Documents Available'. If you then selected a different record, the documents of that record would come through, however the 'No Documents Available' option would still be listed.

This will now clear down as expected.