Release Notes - 22.06.02

Sprint Goal: Enable the ability to bulk add Timesheets to Placements and share saved Search criteria with other Users.

Upgrade Date: 26/06/22



Add Timesheets from Placement Selection Screen

When on the Placement Selection Screen, it will now be possible to enter a Timesheet against multiple Placements in a single workflow.

This is only intended for recording standard rate Timesheet submissions. Timesheets with multiple rates and various units of measure should remain submitted from within the Placement record.

As a user, when on the Placement Selection Screen, if you search on the term ‘Contract’ AND/OR ‘Rolling Contract’ along with the Authorisation Level ‘Level 2’, within the toolbar you will then find the option to ‘Add Timesheet(s)’:


As standard this feature is configured to only allow bulk timesheets against the same Company record.

If you would like to submit a Timesheet against multiple Placements from different Companies there is a Global Setting to enable this:

Admin > Global Settings > Placement section > Allow option to 'Add Timesheet' across multiple Companies on Placement Selection Screen - Yes/No

Click here for full instructions on how to use this functionality


Default Sort Option On All Tables

It will now be possible to default the sorting column & order on all tables throughout the system.

When accessing any table, for example Candidate Selection, when you have changed the sorting column/order of the table, you will find a button on the top right handside of the table to save the new sorting order as default.

This option is User specific.


Option to Share Search Criteria for Other Teams/Users

This release introduces the ability to shared saved Search criteria with other Users.

This will enable searching super users to share their knowledge and empower everyone with the same searching capability.

When in the main Search area, go to the 'Criteria' option and then 'Saved Criteria'. You will notice there is now the ability to view your own criteria and 'Shared Criteria'.

When saving Search criteria, which you want to share, go to the Shared Criteria section and click on 'Save & Share Criteria'.

This will give you the ability to name the criteria and specify whether you wish to share the criteria with specific Users, Teams or all Users.

There is also a User Group Permission on whether a user has the ability to delete shared search criteria from another user.


New Forecast Report

The first iteration of the Forecast Report is now available.

This report uses multiple tabs to show the financial forecasts for the entire business based on Placements made. This can also be broken down to by consultant.


Formatted CV Merge Fields

There are now two additional merge fields on the Candidate record called Work History Table {WORKHISTORYTABLE} and Education Table {EDUCATIONTABLE}.

These produce formatted table layouts of the Candidate's Experience record for either their Education and/or Work History, and can be used with the automated creation of formatted CVs.

Invoice Document - Invoice Detail Merge Field Formatting

When generating invoice documents from the 'List Invoices' area within Back Office. The Invoice line detail has now been enhanced to be better spaced out and reformatted to look cleaner.


API Update

The Candidate Insert/Amend function has been updated so that a developer can now pass a User ID into the 'Amended By' field.


Minor UI Updates

  • When on a Company record, the 'Create Requirement' option has been added to the right click menu
  • When on a Candidate Search and bulk Longlisting/Shortlisting Candidates to a Requirement. There is now an alert on this workflow to confirm whether you wish to proceed.
  • On the Login screen, there is now the option to 'Switch to Mobile UI' and an option on the mobile UI to 'Switch to Desktop UI'



Bug Fixes

Calendar Entries - Default Duration Setting

It was noted that the default duration of Calendar entries created from Colleague had reverted to '15 minutes' and was not being set by the Global/User default setting.

This has now been resolved.


API - Requirement Status Field

It was raised that a Requirement 'Status' search via the API, would not bring back the expected records.

This has now been resolved.


Email Signatures Reverting to Previous Version

A sporadic issue which would sometimes result in Email Signatures reverting to previous versions when they were updated via the Users table has now been resolved.