Release Notes - 22.06.01

Sprint Goal: Enable the ability to send document links from Offers and Placements, and deploy separate API instance for Power Automate triggers/requests.

Upgrade Date: 14/06/22



New Document Link Accept/Reject Functionality for Offer/Placement Documents

There is now a new 'Document Link' function available when sending an email from an Offer or Placement.

This gives the user the ability to include a link within the email associated to a document attached to the Offer/Placement.


The recipient of the link can then click on it to download the document.

There is also an approve/reject option which will give the recipient of the document the ability to approve or reject the document they have received.


The response from the recipient is recorded as a history against the Offer/Placement and a notification is triggered to advise the sender of the response.

This functionality covers sending documentation to Candidates and Contacts, as well as 'Internal' compliance teams.


'Internal' email option on Offer and Placements

In extension to the above, there is now an 'Internal' option when sending emails from Offers and Placements, similar to the Interview and 'Create Offer' workflows.


This can be used to advise a specified internal company email address of key events regarding an Offer or Placement, utilising merge codes and templates.

The default 'Internal' email address is set within Global Settings.

Global Settings > Placement > Internal Email Address used for Placement Workflow

There is also a Yes/No Global Setting to enable whether the 'Internal' option should appear.


Separate Colleague 7 API for Power Automate Integrations

To enable our API to be more accomodating to non developers utilising Power Automate for automation solutions, Colleague has delivered a separate API instance specifically for the purpose of providing user friendly customisable triggers that can be more easily called and configured when designing a 'Flow' in Power Automate.

This area is a work in progress and will improve with extra functions overtime to accommodate our client's automation requirements.

The key objective is to enable this area to not require previous developer experience. Under the previous format, a foundation of development knowledge was essential.


API Update - Requirement search to include 'Town'

The 'Advanced Requirement Search' API method has been updated to include 'Town' as an available field to search.


Multi-line Copy and Paste function for Addresses

When adding a new address anywhere in the system, it is now possible to copy and paste multiple address lines separated by carriage returns into 'Address Line 1'

This will then auto-populate the address lines based on the carriage returns. For example:

The Control Tower
Witchcraft Way
NR13 6GA

Copied & pasted into 'Address Line 1', would then become:


'Copy to Clipboard' option on the Document Preview

When selecting the 'CSHTML' file, which is included as standard when creating a new Candidate via the CV Parser, you will notice a new 'Copy to Clipboard' icon top right handside of the Document Preview.

This is to accomodate users who wish to take a quick copy of the CV's contents in plain text format and paste it into a document when creating a formatted CV.


Minor UI Updates

  • When using the 'Timesheet Portal' & 'RSM Intime' integrations, the Placement ID will now be included in the history log that is created to track the integration post.
  • It was raised that when using the 'Ownership' partial view, if you then switched between tabs the Ownership view would remain open, this will now close automatically.
  • Further to the update in the last release to include Teams Meetings as an email type, it was raised that the overlay which appeared when sending the Teams meeting would say 'Sending Email, please wait...', it will now advise 'Sending Teams Meeting, please wait...'
  • Email - When selecting to attach documents to an email and choosing to attach document from another record, the additional attachment options would be added to the dropdown without there being a way to determine which additional documents were from the other record. It will now append the document with the record name in brackets.



Bug Fixes

Placement ID and Candidate Name Columns on List Invoices

Further to the work delivered to allow for Back Office users to view the associated Candidates and Placements linked with an Invoice, it was noted that on two scenarios: 'Manual Invoices' and 'Schedule Items' this was not working as expected.

This has now been resolved.


Document Type list in Templates not as per Sequence order

When adding a new Document Template within Admin > Templates, the 'Document Type' dropdown would list the various Document Types in a random order.

These will now list as per the sequence order of the 'Document Types' lookup.


Email Signature printed twice when using 'Send As' function on 'Create Document'

When using the 'Create Document' feature and choosing the 'Send As' option. It would create the document and generate an email, attaching the newly created document to the email. However on the first instance of running this workflow against a record it would print the email signature of the user twice.

This has now been resolved.


Interview Alerts including 'Cancelled' Interviews

Further to the new 'Interview Alert' feature, which appears on a Candidate record when they are booked into a future interview. It was raised that this would appear even if the interview had been cancelled.

This has now been updated to filter out cancelled interviews.


Contact prompt when sending an email from a Requirement

When sending an email to 'Selected Candidates' from a Requirement, once the email was sent it would then prompt a 'Would you also like to email the contact?' message.

This was happening in error and will no longer appear.


Mass duplication on alert message when using the 'Longlist Selected Candidate(s) to Requirement'

When selecting some Candidates from an older Requirement and choosing to 'Longlist Selected Candidate(s) to Requirement', the check on whether any of the Candidates had worked there before would sometimes cause names to duplicate in the confirmation alert message.

This has now been resolved.


Licence Count does not update real time

Within Admin > Users, there is an option to 'Show Licence Details'. This area advises the number of licenced users, available users and expiry date on the system licence key. These details would only update on refresh of the Users page, they will now update in real time with changes made to the User records.