Release Notes - 22.05.01

Sprint Goal: Enable the ability to create MS Teams Meetings and provide enhanced time zone handling for international users (UTC).

Upgrade Date: 21/05/2022



Microsoft Teams Meetings

When sending emails from Colleague 7, users will now be able to change the 'Email Type' to 'Teams Meeting'.

This will alter the email form to contain the additional calendar options similiar to a 'Meeting Request'.


When sent, the email contents will then be appended with Microsoft's standard Teams Meeting invitation text:

A Teams Meeting entry will be added to your Calendar automatically.


Candidate Column added to List Invoices

Within the Back Office area, the List Invoices table has been updated to include a 'Candidate Name' column.

Back Office users will also be able to access the associated Placement to an Invoice via a Placement icon (right handside).

When editing an invoice, the linked Candidate (or Candidates if it is a consolidated invoice) will be shown listed alongside the associated Placement (or Placements).


Option to Autotick Placement Rates on PAYE Calculator

When in a Placement that is processing a PAYE contractor and using the 'PAYE Rate Calculator' to determine the margin, it is now possible to autotick default rates.

Within Admin > Lookups > Placement Rates: you will find an 'Autotick' Yes/No field:

When using the Rate Calculator, provided the Payment Method is 'PAYE', you find the default rates to be auto ticked:


Search Company Addresses

A Search bar has been added to the Company Addresses tab, to enable to the quick lookup of a Company address:


Search Ownership

A Search bar has been added to the Ownership table to enable to the quick lookup of Teams and Users when assigning Ownership:


Company Checklist Tab

The Company Checklist now has it's own tab on the Company record.


Ability to Delete User Group

It is now possible to delete unused User Groups.

When in Admin > User Group Permissions and on selection of a User Group, provided there are no Users associated to the Group, there will be an option to 'Delete User Group'.



Bug Fixes

Copy Requirement will now copy Documents

Previously the 'Copy Requirement' feature would copy the contents of a Requirement, including the links to the documents stored in BLOB storage against the original Requirement.

This would result in edits to the documents on the new Requirement updating the documents on the original Requirement.

This has now been resolved so that the documents are now also copied.


Discard Duplicates When Emailing From Placement Selection & Fix Mailshot Status

When generating an email from the Placement Selection screen, an email would appear per Placement regardless as to whether it was a duplicate. There is now a check to ensure duplicate emails are removed. This process also includes a check on the 'Mailshot Status' field.


CV Parsing Issue (Chevrons In Email Body Causing Issue)

When updating an existing Candidate via the CV Parser, should that CV be processed from an email within 'Documents Received' and should that email contain any chevrons in the email body an issue would occur.

This has now been resolved.


Date Sorting on User Overview Dials

When using the User Overview dials on the Homepage, the date columns within the tables would not sort correctly due to them being hyperlinked and using a certain formatting.

This has now been resolved.