Release Notes - 22.03.02

Sprint Goal: Ensure Skills can be seen via the Summary View and that SMS replies are recorded automatically.

Upgrade Date: 05/04/22



Summary View - Show/Hide Skills

This release introduces the ability to view the Skills of records from the Summary View.

The option to 'Show/Hide Skills' will be available on the Summary View toolbar. Included will be the ability to configure the list options to include or exclude parent skills.


This update also extends to the Outlook Add-in and the soon to be released Colleague Browser Extension tool.


SMS Messages - Automatically Track SMS Replies

Replies to SMS messages sent from Colleague will now be recorded automatically against the associated records alongside the logging of emails. When sending an SMS, ensure the 'Allow recipients to reply' tick box is selected and that your email address is populated correctly. 

When the recipient responds, this will come through as an email in your mailbox and be processed into Colleague automatically as an 'SMS Reply' history log.

This will also work if you manually backdate the logging of emails against a record using the 'Backdate Emails' feature (Candidate & Contact > 'View More' menu).


New Runners Report

There is now a new ‘Runners Report’ available.

Go to the 'Reports' section and select ‘Runners Report (new)’.

As standard, the Runners report will run over the duration of one year (6 months either side of today’s date).

The parameters can easily be changed to different date ranges (top right of the report).

Each month will advise a starter count (green column), a finisher count (orange column) and a total runners count (blue line).

You will also be able to filter the output by Company, should you wish to see the Runners based at a certain client.

Beneath the chart will be a table containing the details regarding the Placements, which can be easily exported into Excel. There is also a Status filter to view only Current Runners, Future Starters or Finishers.

The Placement ID will be a link to the associated Placement record (this will open in a new tab).


Broadbean - Ability to set the Advert Contact

Previously, when exporting Requirements to Broadbean, the Advert Contact would be set as the 'Picked Up By' user.

There is now a new Global Setting which dictates whether a user should be the latest 'Owner' assigned to Requirement, the 'Picked Up By' User or the User running the workflow.


Alternatively you can select to 'Show Prompt', which will give you a dropdown list of who to assign as the Advert Contact when posting to Broadbean:


View Candidates from Requirement (Open in New Tab)

When in a Requirement, on the Candidates tab, after selecting several Candidates and choosing to 'View Selected Candidate(s)'. This feature will now open the selected Candidates in a new tab. Previously this would open the Candidates in the same tab with no way to return to the Requirement.


Working for Us Alert Updated to Handle Multiple Pending Offers

In the event of a Candidate having multiple Pending Offers, previously the alert would only show the latest Offer. This alert has now been enhanced to list all Pending Offers in a table:

This will now work so that:

  • If there are no Offers and a current placement it show the Working for Us alert.
  • If there is a Pending Offer it will show the Offer alert as a priority over the Working for Us alert.
  • If there is a Pending Offer, it will appear as it did previously (single alert)
  • If there are multiple Pending Offers it will show the new alert with the Offers listed in a table.

Updated Commission GP report

The Commission GP report has now been updated to account for PAYE and non PAYE margins to correctly calculate the associated commission.


'Adjust' Rolling Contracts

There is now a new ‘Adjust’ option which is solely available on Rolling Contracts.

This process will ‘Early Finish’ the original Rolling Contract, create a one day Contract to resolve any financial adjustments and create a new Rolling Contract (with the Start Date being the day after the end date of the original Rolling Contract).

This feature is available based on a User Group Permission:

Admin > User Group Permissions > Placement > View Placement Adjust Option


Minor Updates

  • Following the introduction of a fixed height scrollbar on all lookup fields, the Source field on the 'Link to Requirement' workflow alert has also been updated with this scrollbar option.
  • There is now a confirmation alert on the Placement when deleting a rate (same as it does when deleting a rate on a Requirement)

Bug Fixes

Issue When Adding Mulitple Users into 'Reporting' Teams

There was an issue when adding Users into Reporting Teams that would prompt an error to appear if you added more than one User.

This has now been resolved.


Timesheets PO Numbers Issue

When creating Invoices, the Purchase Order Number field on the Invoice header will now contain a comma separated list of all the associated PO numbers from the relevant Timesheets. This would previously only populate the POs in the event of the Invoice Method being set as 'Timesheet'.

Issue When Setting Report Targets on User Overview

There were issues with several of the dials which would cause the colour scheme of the dials to change in the event that one of the dials had been set a target.

This has now been resolved.


Ensure Requirement/Placement Templates do not empty fields

Previously when applying a Requirement or Placement Template, the contents would be updated with all the fields from the template. This included emptying populated fields if the fields were empty in the template.

There is now a check to ensure field contents are not removed if the fields are empty in the template.


Bug on accepting a Perm Offer (Salary label duplicates)

When creating an Offer, there was an obscure issue which caused the Salary label to be shown twice if set as mandatory and missing.

This has now been resolved.


Download icon appears in History tab

On the History tab of all records, there was a scenario that prompted the 'Download' icon to appear in the toolbar in error.

This has now been resolved.


Invoice Line Sequencing issue

The correct sequencing order of Invoice Lines would be disrupted when deleting an Invoice Line. This would cause the contents of an Invoice to print out of sequence.

This has now been resolved.


Create Offer - Not Clearing Down End Date When Job Type is Changed

There was an issue with the 'End Date' not always clearing down correctly when the Contract type was updated on the Offer form to be 'Permanent'.

This has now been resolved.


Edit Timesheet issue on Portal

Following the update to set individual dates against Weekly Timesheets, the 'Edit Timesheet' option on the Candidate Portal would freeze when attempting to process.

This has now been resolved (and hotfixed).


Bulk shortlist issue

A sproadic issue which prevented the ability to Shortlist mulitple Candidates on the Requirement Candidates table has now been resolved.