Release Notes - 22.01.01

Sprint Goal: Ensure bespoke rate calculations are possible on a per rate basis, deliver the Daxtra Search Nexus single sign on and add the ability to email Contacts from the Company record. 

Upgrade Date: 24/01/22



Ability to Send Emails To Multiple Contacts From Company

When on a Company record, it will now be possible to select multiple Contacts (via tickbox) and send a bulk email.


Contacts will be filtered out of the emailing process if they:

  • Are marked as a leaver
  • Have an invalid email address or no email address
  • Have a mailshot status equal to 'Allow None' or 'SMS Only'
  • If GDPR is enabled, it will also check their GDPR consent status.

Contacts that are filtered out will be shown via the below alert:


All other email addresses will be brought through into the 'To' field of the email form. The scope of the email form will also be converted to 'Contact' to suppprt the use of Contact merge fields and Contact email templates.

If no Contacts are selected, the Email form will use the Company email address (and Company scope) as before.


Placement Rates (PAYE Calculator on Individual Rates)

The Rates area on the Offer and Placement has been updated so that individual PAYE rates can now be factored into account against a Placement rate.

When adding a rate you see a plus icon to call the Margin Calculator:


When pressed, this will allow you to specify your intended Charge and Margin (%).

If the Candidate is marked on the Back Office tab with the Payment Method 'PAYE', the additional PAYE rates can then be taken into account (this includes the option to add adhoc rates).

On pressing 'Calculate', it will work out the Pay (or whichever value is left at '0').


Click 'Accept' to save the selected rates and 'Save' to add the calculated rate.


Option to Include 'Internal' email when processing Interview and/or Offer

In the event that you wish to send an internal email as part of processing an Interview or Offer, there is now an internal email prompt.

Within Global Settings under the 'Interview' section and 'Offer' section you will find these options:


With these options you can enable the option and specify the internal email address to which the internal email will be sent.

Then when running the Interview or Offer workflow, when the email alerts are being prompted for Candidiate and Contact, you will also get the below message:


If you select 'Yes' this will generate an email to the designated 'Internal Email Address':


This is the same for when processing an Offer.


Link Existing Documents To Checklist Items

When on a Checklist Item, you will now have the option to either upload a document or select an existing document:


The 'Delete Document' function on the Checklist item has also been updated.

If you have uploaded a document to the Checklist item and then choose to delete the document it will be deleted from the system. However, if you have linked an existing document to a checklist item the option will be to 'Remove Document', this will remove the link between the document and the checklist item. It will not delete the document.


'Download Invoices' Option for Bulk Downloading of Invoice Documents

Within the Back Office area, under List Invoices or List Payments, there is now the option to bulk download selected Invoice Documents:


When run for the first time, your browser will likely prompt a 'popup blocker' on this function. You will need to authorise it for future use.

The selected invoices (with invoice documents) will then be downloaded into your local 'Downloads' folder.

Documents are titled with their Invoice ID.

This has been introduced to enable the option for bulk printing of downloaded invoices from within your 'Downloads' folder (i.e. select all downloaded documents, right click and 'Print').


Daxtra Search Nexus - Signal Sign On (

For clients using Daxtra Search Nexus, there is now a single sign on option from within Colleague.

Within Global Settings, under the 'Integrations' section, you will find three new options:


The Daxtra Account and Domain are provided by Daxtra. The enable option is a Yes/No field.

When enabled, on the main navigation you will find a 'Daxtra Search Nexus' option:


When a user presses the ‘Daxtra Search Nexus’ option, it will open a new tab passing their User ID.
Daxtra will perform an API call to verify that the user is active and licenced, and if approved you will login:


Changes Made to Requirement Candidate Form

When on a Requirement, Candidates tab and selecting a Candidate. The 'Candidate Details' form, which displays the contents and history of the Requirement Candidate record, has been updated with some changes:


  • The Source field has been relabelled as 'Applicant Source'
  • The Applicant Source field has been fixed so that the Source lookup will appear on selection. This field also supports freetext.
  • A Rank field has been added to the record. Initially this will be used by Daxtra to pass their Rank score when longlisting a Candidate, but we also intend to use this field to pass the Rank scores from the main Search area. This field can also be added to the Candidates table and sorted on.


Bug Fixes

Date CV Sent was remembering the Date entered for 'Discard & Update'

When sending a Candidate's CV via the Requirement, it was noted that if you use the 'Discard & Update' option to manually set the 'CV Sent Date', if you immediately then sent another CV it would set the CV Sent Date with the previously manually selected date.

This has now been resolved.


User Name Duplication Check

There was previously a duplication check on the Name field. This has been changed so that the duplication check is performed on the email, if one exists. We have also disabled the mandatory check on the Password & Confirm Password fields if no email is present on the User record.


Searching on Lists

It was established that not all sites had been granted to relevant permissions to search based on 'Lists'.

This has now been resolved.


Modifying Checklist Sequences could create orphaned Items/Documents

It was raised that if a client modified the sequencing order of a Checklist, documents assoicated to Checklist Items would become orphaned.

This has now been resolved.


Placements can't be found via the Quick Search if the Contact is archived

It was raised that if you archived a Contact, any of that Contact's Placements would then be hidden from the Quick Search (unless you chose to 'Include Archived'). To avoid confusion, we have updated the Quick Search to include Requirements, Offers and Placements linked with archived Contacts as standard.