Release Notes - 21.12.01

Sprint Goal: Launch the first iteration of the Candidate Portal, add the option for Default Attachments to Email Templates and enhance the Documents panel within Search results.

Upgrade Date: 12/12/21



Candidate Portal

This release introduces the first iteration of Colleague's Candidate Portal.

This initial standard offering enables a client to embed a portal within their website and allow a Candidate to log into their Colleague profile to submit a timesheet.


Within the Colleague Admin area under User Group Permissions, the ability to create a 'Portal User' is enabled from within the 'Candidate' Permission Group.

Within the Candidate record, a Candidate's Portal User can be created from the 'View More' menu > 'Create Portal User'. The User ID of a Candidate's Portal User will be the Candidate's primary Email address.

Upon creating a Portal User, you will be advised of the username, unique PIN number and password (for the Candidate's first login). On first login, the Candidate will be asked to set their own password for future access.

There are also merge fields available against the Candidate entity that can be used when sending the portal details to the Candidate via an email template.

In the event of needing to reset a Candidate's Password, an administrator can access the Portal Users from within the Admin area under 'Users'. Above the Users table you will find an option to include Portal Users.


Resetting a portal user password is the same as resetting a User's password.

A Portal User can also be deactivated and re-activated from within the Candidate record, via the 'View More' menu under 'Portal Details'. This option will only appear if a Portal User has been created against the record.

The portal login page can be embedded into your website and branded as required.

Upon successful login, the Candidate will access a profile page and have the option to view all active Contract Placements against their record. When a Placement is selected, the timesheets against that Placement will be listed and the candidate will have the option to press the plus sign to add a new Timesheet.


The Timesheet that is created will be as per the Timesheet Type (Weekly, Monthly, etc) and Period End Day as set against the Placement. Timesheets will be added against the Placement with the status 'Pending Approval'.

The partnering Contact Portal will follow shortly and will include the ability for a designated Contact to approve a Candidate's timesheet.

Within the Back Office area of Colleague, there is an area for 'Timesheet Management'. This will list all entered timesheets, that are awaiting invoice, at their varying timesheet statuses. This area includes a bulk update process against the timesheets, so the timesheets which are 'Pending Approval' or 'On Hold' can be updated in one process.


The ability to enable this option is available again within the User Group Permissions area under the Back Office permission group.

A video and further documentation will follow upon the release of the Contact portal.

Any questions in the meantime, please contact the Support team:


Email Templates - Default Attachments

This release enables the ability to assign default attachments against email templates.

The documents that you wish to set as default attachments will first need to be added to a record on the system.

Within ‘Admin > Templates’, when selecting an ‘Email’ template, you will see ‘Default Attachments’ as an option.

Press the plus sign and this will launch a lookup allowing you to search for the hosting record.

Upon selecting the record, it will bring through an ‘Attach File’ option. You can then select the attachment and it will now be linked with the template.

From then on, when sending an email and selecting an email template, it will bring through the default attachment(s).


Edit Invoice Record Partial View

In previous versions, when accessing/editing an invoice record, it would open the record in a new tab.

This release adds a new partial view to the 'List Invoices' page, allowing a Back Office user to select to edit an invoice and the record slide down within the page. This will include full access to the Header Details, Document Preview, Edit/Download Document options and Invoice Lines.


BCC Field Added to Email Function

The email form has been updated to include a 'BCC' field. This works the same as it does within Outlook. Upon sending an email, any email addresses within the BCC field will be hidden from the main recipient.


Search - View Documents Enhanced Preview Panel

This release introduces an enhanced view for accessing Documents within the Search Results area.

When in a Search Result, you will be able to select a batch of Candidates, choose 'View Documents' and view an updated preview panel of the documents held against the selected records.

This includes the ability to switch to 'View Text' and see the highlighted text criteria found within the document, move on to the next record, look through each of the documents held against the record and flag the record within the Search result as you go.

Coupled with the use of the Summary View, this offers an enhanced ability to work through a Search result and single out the appropriate Candidates in the process.


API Updates

A series of updates to the API were included within this development sprint to enable further integration options for third parties:

  • Add ability to assign Ownership
  • Add ability to add/update Notes
  • Add ability to add Social Media Link
  • Add ability to set a Skill Grade (if available) when adding a skill
  • Add ability to retrieve list of Requirement Candidates
  • Add quick retrieval option for Notes from Entity


New Work History & Education Merge Fields

As part of an ongoing project to enhance Colleague 7's automation regarding formatting CVs, we have now introduced two new merge fields on the Candidate record - {EDUCATIONTABLE} & {WORKHISTORYTABLE} 

These merge fields export a Candidate’s Employment and Education experience into a format better suited for formatted CVs.


Document Id added to Document Information

The unique Document Id, which is referenced as the document name when it is being edited, is now included as part of the 'Document Information' section on the Documents tab.


Default History Type Filter Now Entity Specific

In the previous release, we introduced a multi-selection option to the 'History Type' filter on the History tab of a record.

Included with this setting was the ability to default the selected history filters, however this would default the shown history for all entity types (i.e. Candidate, Company, Requirement, Placement).

To better enable the ability to view the appropriate histories per entity, this default setting is now entity specific.


Bug Fixes

Table links on Manually Added Experience records

When on a Candidate record, if you manually added a Candidate Experience and freetext typed the Company Name or Contact Name, this would result in the data being shown in the table, but the hyperlink behind the Company Name or Contact Name being broken.

This has been updated so that freetext typed Company and Contact records are not hyperlinked.


Placement Address Changes Not Saving

It was noted that when using the Placement Address dropdowns on Company, Working, Invoice and Payment Addresses, the data could revert and fail to save correctly. This has now been resolved.


Speed Performance Issues on the Contact Radius Search

Following the recent updates to the Contact Radius Search (to include Secondary and Personal Addresses), it was raised that this had resulted in a noticable performance issue when running a search.

Updates were made to resolve the issue. This fix was delivered as a hotfix during the sprint.


Document Type Filter Issue on Candidate, Company, Contact and Requirement

It was noticed that the 'Document Type' was not filtering the documents as expected when all entity records (except Placement).

This has now been resolved.


CV Parsing Experience Records - Truncating Work History Notes Content

It was noted that the CV Parsing process was failing to record all of the associated content in relation to a Work History when compared to the CV. The Notes field of an Experience record was also only a single line text field. This is now a text box with scrollbar and the truncating issue has been resolved.


Commission Splits issue

Further updates to the Commission Splits area have been added to resolve an occasional issue which results in an error when saving Commissions.


New Checklist item on Candidate Entity broken

It was raised that when trying to add new Checklist Items to the Candidate entity, the 'Add New Checklist' icon was non responsive.

This has now been resolved.