Release Notes - 21.11.02

Sprint Goal: Introduce the ability to setup more than one email signature and add a multi-selection filter to the history tab on all records.

Upgrade Date: 28/11/21



More Than One Email Signature (Per User)

It is now possible to have up to 5 email signatures per user.

These are added by authorised users from within 'User Settings > Email Signature' or as an administrator via 'Admin > Users'.

From within the email form, if a user has mulitple email signatures they will be able to select which email signature they would like to use:


History Type Filter changed to be Multi-Selection

This is an update to the 'History' tab on a Candidate, Company, Contact, Requirement and Placement record.

It is now possible to select mulitple History Types to filter the history table.

On selection, a user will also be able to set the default list of History Types they want shown on the History Tab (saved as a User Setting).


Use 'Tab' key in the Text Editor window when writing an email

It is now possible to use the 'Tab' key when writing an email.

Previously this would tab away from the Text Editor window.


UGP to edit User IDs when creating new records

There is now a User Group Permission which authorises an administrator to set the User ID field manually when creating a new User.

This only works when creating a new user, existing user records will continue to show the 'User ID' as a read only field.


Ability to set Default 'Owned Company' to be blank on Offer

There is now a Global Setting within Admin, under the Offer section, which allows an administrator to specify whether the default Owned Company is blank when creating an Offer.

The Owned Company is hard coded as a mandatory field on the Offer form.


Ability to select blank Unit of Measure

Within Global Settings in Admin, under the System section, it is now possible to blank the default 'Unit Of Measure' when adding a rate..

The 'Unit Of Measure' field is a mandatory field when adding a rate, but if you want the user to be prompted to select the Unit Of Measure this can now be blank on the 'Add Rate' form.


Consultant Mobile Number added to Merge Field Options

When accessing the merge fields on all record types, there is a standard set of Consultant merge fields (Username, Known As, Job Title, Email and Telephone). We have now added the 'Consultant Mobile Number'. This is pulled from the User record.


'Loading Candidates' Overlay added to Requirement Candidates table

To accomodate the delay that can sometimes occur when loading mulitple Candidates onto the Requirement Candidate table, there is now an overlay to advise that they are loading.


Update to 'Document Attached' history to include Document ID number

The History log that is created when a new Document has been added to a record will now include the Document ID.

N.B. We will also be making a further update to the 'Document Information' area during the next sprint to also show the Document ID here as well.


Bug Fixes

CV Parser - Source Field did not filter out lookup codes with 'Allow Selection' set to 'No'

Further to the 'Allow Selection' update, which gives administrators the ability to hide lookup codes from dropdown lists. It was discovered that the 'Candidate Source' field was not filtering out lookup codes with 'Allow Selection' set to 'No'.

This has now been resolved.


Copy over Invoice Details on selection of LTD Company on Offer/Placement

Within the Candidate record, under the 'Payment Details' area, on selection of a Company as the LTD Company it will pull across the Company Registration No, Vat No, Account Reference and Tax Code. It was not doing this on the Offer record > Back Office tab.

This has now been resolved.


Address dropdown on the Placement record was pulling the wrong Company field

Further to the update to the Placement that allows a user to select an address for a Company, Working Company, Invoice Company and Ltd Company. It was noted that the 'Working Company' and 'Invoice Company' were only pulling the address options from the main Company record.

This has now been resolved.

Offer form (Requirement) - Allow Selection not working on custom mandatory fields

In the event that there were custom fields on the offer form, the lookup fields would not filter out the lookup codes with 'Allow Selection' set to 'No.'

This has now been resolved.


Include the Reason in the History generated for Early Finish/Amendments

The History log which is created when a Placement is either Early Finished or Amended will now include the 'Reason'.


Default Custom Field Lookups on new Offers

When creating an Offer/Placement, any custom fields which are using lookups willl now be pre-populated based on the 'Default' flag on the lookup code.