Release Notes - 21.08.02

Sprint Goal: Introduce Placement Checklist alerts and the ability to Send a Candidate CV whilst linking to a Requirement.

Upgrade Date: 08/09/21



Send CV to Requirement from Candidate

This release introduces the ability to mark a Candidate as Sent whilst linking the Candidate to a Requirement, either with a chosen date or via sending an email from the Candidate record.

When in the Candidate record, via the 'Submit' menu, select 'Link to Requirement'. You will notice there is now the option to select 'Send CV (with email)' and 'Send CV (no email)'.

This gives the user the ability to fast track to the stage of 'Sent' from the Candidate record.

Selecting 'Send CV (with email)' will generate the email form as if you were in the Requirement.

Selecting 'Send CV (no email)' will mark the Candidate as Sent against the Requirement, this also prompts a 'CV Sent On' field to specify a different date.


Offer Record updated with extra features (Commission Splits, PO Numbers, Extra Fields)

This release allows users to edit Notice Periods, PO Numbers, Commission Splits and Margins on the Offer record.

This included some bug fixes that were caused by the 'Placement Term' being changed at Offer stage.


Placement Checklist Alerts

It is now possible to set alerts against Placement checklist items so that these are treated as mandatory list items before a Placement can be 1st level or 2nd level authorised.


Allow for Notes tabs to be mandatory on records

You can now set 'Notes' as a mandatory field on all entity types.

There is a separate 'Notes' field for each of the five note tabs. These are named as per their label in Global Settings.


Add 'Units' column to Timesheets table

The Timesheets table on the Placement record now includes a Units column advising the 'Total Units' of the timesheet.


Add ability to remove 'Report Targets'

For administrators that are setting targets against User Overview dials, you can now delete a row on the Reports Targets table.

Bug Fixes

Sent CV column on Requirement after 'Discard & Update'

It was noted that if you send a CV from a Requirement using the 'Discard & Update' option and set a different date to today, and then send a CV for a different Candidate by sending an email the date shown is the prior date that was manually selected (not today's date).


Rates tab not appearing when you switch to Contract from Placement

Previously when on a Requirement and switching from Permanent to Contract, you needed to refresh the record to see the 'Rates' tab. This will now appear instantly based on the choosen Term.


Update Add Rates view on Requirement and Placement Templates

User Interface updates to enhance and refine the layout of this functionality.


Triple upload of documents on Placement

Due to the ability to upload documents from multiple workflows on the Placement record (Placement, Timesheet, Checklist, Invoice Schedule), it was possible for the upload controller to cache and multiply an uploading document in error. This resulted in 2 or 3 copies of a document being uploaded when only one should be. This has now been resolved.


Commission Splits updates

Further to the recent Commission Splits update, there were further changes needed to correct an issue which appeared when authorising a placement and resolved some alert messaging errors when editing commission splits.