Release Notes - 21.08.01

Sprint Goal: Introduce the ability to create Company Requirement and Placement Templates.

Upgrade Date: 17/08/21



Company Requirement & Placement Templates

This release includes the ability to create Requirement Templates and Placement Templates.

This feature is enabled to a user via a User Group Permission:

Admin > User Group Permissons > Admin > Requirement and Placement Templates

If this permission has been enabled in your User Group:

  • When in a Requirement, off the 'View More' menu, you will find the option 'Create Template'.
  • When in a Placement, off the 'View More' menu, you will find the option 'Create Template'.
  • When in a Company, off the 'View More' menu, you will find the option 'Requirement and Placement Templates'

A Requirement Template will allow you to prepopulate Requirement fields and Rates as part of the 'Create New Requirement' form.

A Placement Template will allow you to prepopulate Placement fields, Rates and PO Numbers as part of the Create Offer page.


Commission Split Total

The Commission splits table has been updated so that there is now a 'Save' button which updates all table row entries in one process.

During the saving process it will determine whether the Commissions amount to 100% and advise if this is not the case.

This update also includes the ability to set commission percentages to two decimal places. (i.e. 44.75%)


Active Contacts Custom Field (single/multiple selection)

There is now a new Custom field option that will list all Contacts associated to a Company record. This can also be filtered by Type.

Within Admin > Custom Fields, under all entities except Candidates, you will find the option for Active Contacts (single selection) and Active Contacts (mulitple selection).

Leavers will be filtered out of this list automatically.

Option to Include HTML files in 'Include Document' feature on Create Document

You are now able to select HTML files to be included when using the Create Document process.

This will copy the contents of the HTML (created from a PDF CV) into the document, for the purposes of a Formatted CV.


Ability to hide Lookups - 'Allow Selection'

Against all Lookup codes there is now the option for 'Allow Selection'. Similiar to 'History Types', this will give administrators the ability to hide/retire certain lookup codes by setting this flag to 'No'.

If on a record the current value in a lookup field is set to not be shown, it is still shown but the user cannot reselect it.


Interview Feedback

When in a Requirement, following the interview of a Candidate it is now possible to record the feedback of that Interview against the interview record.

From the Candidates tab on the Requirement, select the interviewed Candidate and from the 'Candidates' sub menu select 'Interview Feedback'.

This will launch the below form allowing a user to enter notes and specific feedback in relation to the interview. All entered feedback is recorded against the interview record.


365 connection triggered by clicking on username option

When in Colleague, should you lose your connection to 365 you can now select the 'Microsoft 365' option on your User dropdown to activate the connection.


Bug Fixes

Bank Details on Offer Page not responsive

It was raised that it was not possible to assign Bank Details to a Candidate from the Offer record.

This has now been resolved.


Add overlay when changing filter on Generate Invoices/Payments

There can be a delay when loading records within the 'Generate Invoices' page, depending on the selected filter. There is now an overlay to advise the user that the page is loading.


Longlist from Another Requirement - Sorting Order

When longlisting Candidates to a Requirement from an existing Requirement, it was raised that the Requirement was being listed in descending order (oldest to newest), this needs to have been ascending (newest to oldest).

This has now been resolved.


Default flag being ticked automatically in error

It was raised that when editing Document description details, this could inadvertently trigger the 'Default' tick box to be set in error.

This has now been resolved.