Release Notes - 21.06.03

Sprint Goal: Introduce the ability to associate mulitple addresses against a Contact. Also re-introduce the Timesheets view, allowing access to associated Timesheet and Charge info from the Candidate record.

Upgrade Date: 13/07/21



Allow Multiple Addresses to be assigned to a Contact

It is now possible to assign multiple addresses against a Contact record.

When creating a Contact, or accessing an existing Contact, users will be able to select a 'Primary Address' (which will be used for address related merge fields) and as many 'Secondary Addresses' as required.

This is to accommodate Contacts that are known to be based at multiple addresses.


Within the Contact Search there is a new field called 'All Addresses'.

When searching for Contacts via the 'All Addresses' field this will search across both Primary and Secondary addresses.

Timesheets View on Candidate record

Within the Candidate record, there is now an option called 'Timesheets' to view associated Placements, Timesheets and Charges under the 'View More' and right click menus.

This will list all associated Placements. The user can then select a Placement to view related Timesheets and/or Charges specific that Placement.


Mailshot User Group Permission Bypass Options

There are now two extra User Group Permissions which allow for a user to bulk email Candidates or Contacts regardless of their GDPR or Mailshot Status. This is intended for use only in extreme circumstances and will be disabled by default.


Latest Placement Alert

When accessing a Placement there is now a check performed to see whether there is a more recent Placement associated within the Placement hierarchy (i.e. an Extension or Amendment).

When accessing an older Placement within the hierarchy, you will be advised that there is a more recent Placement and given a link to access that record instead.


Create Expense Invoice default setting

When generating Invoices within the Back Office area, there is a Yes/No field to set whether separate expense Invoice records are to be created as part of the Invoice generation process.

There is now a Back Office Setting to define whether this is default to Yes or No.


Nominal Code options added to Timesheet Charge

When adding a Charge to a Timesheet, Users will now be able to set the associated Sales Ledger and/or Purchase Ledger Nominal codes against the Charge.


Ability to edit 'Pay All' & 'Charge All' fields on Timesheets

When editing a Timesheet, previously if the Timesheet had been invoiced or paid it would be locked down as read only.

The Timesheet record has now been updated so that the 'Charge All' field will be modifiable provided the Timesheet has not been invoiced and the 'Payment All' field will be modifiable provided the Timesheet has not been paid.


Bug Fixes

Refresh needed on Requirement before Additional Contacts appear in workflows

As part of a recent update, we added the ability to include 'Additional Contacts' to the Requirement record.

It was noted that a refresh of the record was required before Additional Contacts appeared within the associated Requirement workflows, such as Email, SMS, Interview and Rejection workflow.

This has now been resolved.


Order of Requirements when linking a Requirement to a Candidate search

When in a Caniddate search and linking a Requirement, the list of Requirements found will now be listed in descending order (so the most recent Requirements are listed first).


End date not calculated automatically on Fixed Term Contract

When creating an Offer for a Fixed Term Contract, it was noted that the End Date of the Contract was not being automatically calculated based on the entered duration.

This has now been resolved.


Update Invoice Address automatically when updating Company Addresses

It was noted that when you set a Company Address to be an Invoice Address, you needed to refresh the Company before the 'Invoice Address' field on the 'Invoice Details' page included the new address.

This has now been fixed.


Error when viewing Users Email Signature

When in Admin > Users and selecting a User who is using an Email Signature Template. The Email Signature would appear using the 'Current User' details and not the selected User.

This has now been resolved.


Right click menu options on archived record

When accessing an archived record, it should not be possible to run any workflows which create new associated records (such as History, Experiences or Documents). The toolbar is disabled for an archived record, however it was noted that the right click menu could access other worfklows.

This has now been resolved.


Payment Frequency Lookup

The Payment Frequency field on the Back Office tab of a Placement was not accessing the correct Lookup Code parent.

This has now been resolved.