Release Notes - 21.06.01

Sprint Goal: Introduce the ability to view Checklist Documents from the Documents tab.

Upgrade Date: 13/06/21



View Checklist Documents on Documents tab

A user can now view documents which have been attached to Checklist items on the Documents tab of records.

A user can also use the Document Type filter to show 'Checklist Documents' only.


Create Document - Attach Document to Checklist Item

A user can now create a document and attach it to a Checklist Item via a new dropdown on the 'Create Document' form.

This applies to all entities with Checklists.


Update Requirement Workflows to work with Multiple Contacts

As part of the previous sprint, it became possible to assign mulitple Contacts to a Requirement.

As part of this sprint, the workflows on the Requirement have been updated to check the Additional Contacts table. These workflows include:

  • Email - 'CC' Additonal Contacts when sending an email to the primary Contact.
  • SMS - include Additional Contact mobile numbers in the SMS form
  • Send CV - 'CC' Additional Contacts when sending a Candidates CV via the Requirement.
  • Interview - Include Additional Contacts as delegates to an Interview.
  • Rejection - 'CC' Additional Contacts on Rejection Emails

Also the Requirements tab on the Contact record has been updated to include Requirements if the Contact is an 'Additional Contact' and the Requirement Selection Screen has been updated so the Contact field also searches 'Additional Contacts'.


Update ColleagueToSage apps to be compatible with Sage 2021 (v27)

The 'Colleague to Sage' application, which is used to transfer invoice and payment records from Colleague to Sage Line 50, has now been updated to work with the latest version of Sage 2021 (v27).


Bug Fixes

Improve Performance when listing invoices

It was noted that when dealing with high volume, the 'List Invoices' section would take a while to load all invoice records.

There have now been updates made to this area to improve performance.


Expenses Not Showing On Payments Report

It was raised that the Payments report was missing an Expenses column. This has now been resolved.


Candidate Name on Interview & Offer Calendar and Task Subject

When arranging an Interview or making an Offer, it was noted that the Candidate Name which is automatically displayed in the Calendar and Task Subject was not always pulling through correctly. This has now been resolved.