Release Notes - 21.05.02

Sprint Goal: Introduce the ability to add multiple Contacts to a Requirement.

Upgrade Date: 30/05/21



Add Multiple Contacts to a Requirement

It is now possible to assign multiple Contacts against a Requirement.

Alongside the Contact name on the Requirement there is now a 'plus' sign. When pressed this will launch a table which allows you to associated multiple Contacts to the Requirement (similiar to Invoice Contacts on the Placement).

In the next sprint, workflows will be updated to take into account additional Contacts against the Requirement (such as Email, Interview, Send CV, Rejection, etc).


Quick Search > Single Record Auto Open

There is now a setting which is available within the Admin area under Search Settings and a User Setting under 'Search Options' called: "When running a Quick Search, open record automatically if only one record is found"

If set to Yes, when running a Quick search, if only a single record is found the record will open automatically.

If set to No it will simply show the search result (as it does currently).

This has been delivered to cater for record popup on inbound phone calls. So if you receive a call and your VOIP is configured to trigger the quick search (running a search based on the inbound calling number), if only one record is found it will open the record automatically.


'Use Invoice Schedule' Yes/No

On Permanent and Fixed Term Contract Placements there is now an option to specify that all invoicing should use the Invoice Schedule. This filters out the standard Placement Fee from the Generate Invoices area in Back Office.

This allows invoices to be split over a period of time or dispatched upon delivered invoice milestones.


Bug Fixes

Allow to remove Social Media Search Options

Within Admin > Lookups > Social Media Options, it was possible to select a Social Media option under a certain entity type (Candidate, Company or Contact) and delete it. However this then caused an issue when opening the record associated to that entity.

This has now been resolved.


Candidate Name on Requirements Table is no longer a hyperlink

Following the update to the Candidates table on the Requirement record, so that users could edit and select their own chosen columns, it was noted that the Candidate name was no longer a hyperlink to the Candidate record.

This has now been resolved.


Create Offer on Requirement for Rolling Contracts and Permanent shows End Date

When creating an Offer from a Requirement, it is possible to change the Placement Term from Contract to Permanent (as an example), however it was spotted that in this scenario if you switched from Contract to Rolling Contract or Permanent, the end date previously assoicated with the Contract duration would remain against the Offer record hidden from view.

This then caused issues when reporting, when looking at Placements on the Experience tab of a Candidate or on Placement Selection search results.

This has now been resolved.


Not All Skills Are Appearing In Skill Tree

Following the update to the Skills library to enable Skill scope, there were some data amendments to make to ensure all existing data was updated to work with this feature correctly. This has now been resolved across all systems.


Spec CV Send Table on Candidate and Contact

It was noted that once you had sent a Candidate's CV via the Spec CV process, on the Spec CV tab it wouldn't then redraw the table heading correctly. This has now been resolved.