Release Notes - 21.05.01

Sprint Goal: Introduce the ability to configure your User Overview at both a User & Admin level and add the ability to set your own columns on the Requirement Candidates table.

Upgrade Date: 16/05/21



User Overview - User & Admin Area

The 'User Overview', which is available to everyone on the Homepage of Colleague 7, can now be configured at both a User and Administrator level.


Within 'User Settings' you will find a new area called 'User Overview'. This will list all available dials on the left handside and all selected dials on the right handside.


If an Administrator has configured a default set of dials against a User then these will appear within User Settings with a padlock alongside the dial and can not be edited at User level.

Users are able to assign up to 15 dials to their User Overview.

Within 'Admin' under the 'Reports' area, you will find the 'User Overview' section. This will work in the same way however as the Administrator you can set dials for selected Users or all Users.

Dials are allocated to specific slots which define where the dial appears on the page. An empty slot will be marked as '<Empty>'.


Options Setting added to Candidates tab on Requirement

Users will now be able to decide which columns they see on the Requirement > Candidates table.

When in a Requirement on the Candidates tab, you will notice an 'Options' icon in the toolbar. This will list the available colums you can assign to the table and you'll be able to sort the column ordering via drag and drop.


Admin > Lookups > Skill Categories > Scope Option

In the event that you wish to have a selection of skills which are only available from the Candidate or Company/Contact. There is now a 'Scope' field within Lookups > Skill Categories > against each Skill Parent.

By default the scope will be set as 'All' and appear on all entity records with Skills.


Rate, Units & Reference fields added to Invoice Schedule

The Invoice Schedule item has been updated to include:

  1. Rates field - this will be a dropdown of the Rates added to the Placement
  2. Units field - this will allow you to reference the number of units in association with the Rate
  3. Reference - for any specific account reference or additional description associated to the schedule item

When used the value fields will be made read only and automatically populated based on the entered rate and units. If no rate has been selected, the value fields will be freetext as they are currently.


Update API - Requirement Candidates

The API has been updated so that it is now possible to modify an existing Requirement Candidate record (i.e. Candidate Application to a Requirement). This is to accomodate updating a Longlisted Candidate to being Shortlisted via the API.


Payment Methods

The lookup which is associated to the 'Payment Method' field in the 'Candidate > Payment Details' area and 'Placement > Back Office > Payment Details' area is now a modifiable dropdown list.

The traditional list contains: PAYE & BACS, but if you want to add any extra Payment Methods you can do this via Admin > Lookups > Payment Methods.


Bug Fixes

Duplicate check when adding a Contact from within a Company shows all Company Contacts

When adding a new Contact, if you were adding via a Company record, it would include the Company Address Telephone number in the duplication check. This brought back all Contacts associated to the Company.

This has now been resolved.


Double click option on Skills tab of CV Parser to remove Skill

Throughout the system, within all Skills areas, you can add and remove skills with a double click.

Following the addition of the Skills area on the CV Parser, the ability to double a skill to remove was not working correctly. This has now been resolved.


'Create Diary' option on right click menu

We recently updated the term 'Diary' to be 'Calendar' throughout the system. It was noted that on some of the right click menus there was still reference to 'Diary'. This has now been resolved.


Create Offer on Requirement for Rolling Contracts shows End Date

When creating an Offer from a 'Rolling Contract' Requirement, it would advise an end date rather than renewal period. This has now been resolved.


Update API Timeout Settings to 60 seconds

It was raised that the API could timeout in certain instances when it would have completed successfully if the process had been given more time. To help support this, the API timeout setting has now been increased to 60 seconds.