Release Notes - 21.04.01

Sprint Goal: Introduce the ability to add Skills on the CV Parser form and ensure this area works with mandatory field settings.

Upgrade Date: 19/04/21



Add Skills On CV Parser Form

Within the CV Parser form there is now the ability to add additional skills using a 'Show Skills' option (or plus icon) when on the Skills tab of the form. You can also remove parsed skills and grade skills as well.

The Parser form will also check the mandatory fields settings and alert the user if there is not the requested minimum number of skills.


'Diary' to 'Calendar'

For consistency and to ensure we are inline with Microsoft's terminology, the term 'Diary' has now been replaced with 'Calendar' throughout the system.


Bug Fixes

Table Width Navigation Menu Overlap

This release fixes instances where tables could overlap onto the left handside navigational menu. Users will now see a horizontal scrollbar on the table when the column width exceeds the size of the page.


Mailchimp Dates / Times (Duplicate History Entries)

It was raised that in some instances, a Candidate or Contact uploaded to Mailchimp (via the integration) was getting multiple history logs when recording events from their activity. This was due to an API change in the date formatting handler. This has now been resolved.


Cannot Delete Placement Checklist Items

An issue was raised preventing users from being able to delete Placement Checklist items. This has now been resolved.


Show/Hide Rate option on Requirement Rates

When on Requirement Rates, the 'Show/Hide Rates' would still be shown on the toolbar if you deselected the rate. This has now been resolved.