Release Notes - 21.03.02

Sprint Goal: Introduce a new Daily Planner to the Homepage and left navigation menu, which allows a user to efficiently manage their time through the use of Tasks and Calendar Entries.

Upgrade Date: 06/04/21



New: Daily Planner

This release introduces a new Daily Planner to the Homepage, allowing Users to view their Tasks & Calendar Entries combined under a 'Daily', 'This Week' or 'This Month' view.

As standard this will show you a 'Daily' view of your Tasks for 'Today' and be filtered on your 'Tasks Due Today' (based on the Due Date) and 'Overdue Tasks' (highlighed in red). These options are tickbox filters which can be turned on or off by pressing the label or icon.

A calendar view is available to the right to quickly adjust the selected date.

Users will also be able to add new Tasks and view 'Completed Tasks', as well as use an option to 'Include / Exclude Calendar' entries.


Create Tasks and Create Diary Option Added To All Entities

It is now possible to create a Diary Event or Task from an entity record without needing to create a History.

From all record types, you will notice a new icon in the toolbar for 'Diary / Task'. On selection this will give a User the ability to create Diary Events/Tasks and should be used in conjunction with the Daily Planner to manage call backs, follow ups and general day to day tasks.


Switch Placement Type on Offer, Extension or Amendment

You now have the option to change the Placement Term whether that be Contract, Rolling Contract, Permanent or Fixed Term Contract.

This option is available when making an Offer, Extension or Amendment.

This will accomodate scenarios such as 'Contract to Perm' or 'Rolling Contract to Fixed Term'.


ISO Codes on Currency and Country Lookups

Colleague now holds the associated ISO codes against Currency and Country Lookups.

We can also store the Dialling Code against a Country Lookup.

This is mainly to be used with integrations.


Contact Count on Company Addresses

Within a Company record, on the Addresses tab, there is now a count of the number of active Contacts associated to an address:


Bug Fixes

Edit Document - Retrieve Latest Document Version

When editing a document/template there is now a check to see if there has been a more recent edit on your OneDrive to the document held in cloud storage. If this is the case, it will update the cloud storage version with the latest edit and open the document. This includes calling the latest document into a letter template.

This fix ensures whenever you edit a document you are always retrieving the latest version of the file.


Email form on Quick Search, Lists & Recent Items

When sending an Email from the Quick Search, Lists or Recent Items area, the 'CC' option on the Email form will now work as expected.


Links on Requirements Table have gone with the Options update

Following the update to allow for the columns to be selected by the User on the Requirements tab of a Candidate, Company & Contact. It was raised that the Company Name no longer linked to the Company, the Candidate Name no longer linked to the Candidate, the Job Title no longer linked to the Requirement and the Contact name no longer linked to the Contact.

This has been resolved.