Release Notes - 20.11.01

Sprint Goal: Ensure an administrator can set Placement Checklists specific to a Company, also allow for multiple Candidate Addresses.

Upgrade Date: 15/11/20



Placement Checklist Templates

It is now possible to configure a specific set of Placement Checklist items against a certain company based on Country and/or Job Type.

Within Admin > Checklists, against the Placement entity, you will be able to create Checklist Items and specify:

  • Default Set - Whether the Checklist item should appear against a Placement as standard (if there are no Company specific Placement Checklist rules)
  • Carry Over - Whether the Checklist item should be included in an Extension to a Placement.



Within a Company record, there is a new 'Placement Checklists' option off the 'View More' menu. When pressed this will list all Checklist items and allow you to specifiy which Checklist items should appear in the event of making a Perm or Contract Placement (or both) as well as for which Country.

Within a Placement, on the Checklists tab, you will find the ability to also add additional checklist items to the Placement and the option to delete a checklist item (which will only be allowed if the checklist item has not been edited).



For more info please watch the video:



Allow for Multiple Candidate Addresses

It is now possible to enter mulitple addresses against a Candidate.

A new 'Addresses' tab has been added to the Candidate entity. Within this tab you can add/access additional addresses and assign a 'Primary' address.

Any additional addresses which have been added to the Candidate will be included in the Payment Address dropdown within the 'Payment Details' area of the Candidate record.


Xing Icon

Xing has now been setup as a Social Media Link against Candidates, Companies and Contacts.

Within Admin > Lookups > 'Social Media Search Options' you will find the setting for Xing. Here you choose to 'Show Icon' which will make the option appear on the Candidate, Company and Contact record.


This includes the option to search Xing for profiles matching the record name from within 'Social Media Links'.


Invoice Frequency - Ability to add Invoice Frequencies

The 'Invoice Frequency' is now a configurable lookup. This was previously hard coded to: Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly and Periodically (which prompts a numeric field to enter a unique value).

Administrators can now add additional lookup codes to this list as required (Admin > Lookups > Invoice Frequency).


Option to Copy Skills from Contact / Company

On the Skills tab of a Contact and Company record there is now a new setting for copying skills.

On the Company record the option will allow you to copy any added skills to all associated Contacts.

On the Contact record there will be options to copy any added skills to the Company and/or all assoicated Contacts.



These options can be set by default via a Global/User Setting:

  • Company section - Copy added skills to all Company Contacts
  • Contact section - Copy added skills to all Company Contacts
  • Contact section - Copy added skills to Company


Bug Fixes

Update to Import Tool in Colleague 7

The 'Import Records' feature within the Admin area has been updated to validate an import file before an import takes place.

This update includes fixing a bug with how the importer tool managed addresses.


Edit Diary entry history log when amending Diary entry (including delete)

Previously when a user edited a Diary entry via the 'Diary' page, it did not update the associated 'Diary Entry' history log against the record. It will now do this moving forwards. (Please note: this will not work for diary entries created prior to the upgrade date).


Salary field missing from Perm Experience

When in a Candidate > Experience tab > when selecting a Permanent Placement Experience record, the Salary field was missing. This is now shown as expected.


Overtime Text lookup not populating when adding new rate (Requirement & Placement)

When creating a rate either via the Requirement or the Placement, the 'Description' field of a Rate should pull through a list of lookup options from the 'Overtime Text' lookup. This was not working and has now been resolved.