Release Notes - 20.10.01

Sprint Goal: Within the Diary, deliver the ability to edit Diary entries and allow a user to set the default Diary view (Daily, Weekly or Monthly). Within Placement/Back Office workflows, allow for the setting of authorisation levels against mandatory fields and the ability to upload invoice documents to invoice records.

Upgrade Date: 19/10/20



Ability to view/edit a Diary Entry

When in the Diary, it is now possible to select a diary event. This will prompt a partial view to appear from above containing the diary entry details and allow you to edit or delete the entry.


Ability to Upload Document to Invoice Record

This release includes the ability to upload a replacement invoice document against an invoice record. This will update the 'Printed' date and act as the new invoice document sent via the 'Email Invoices' workflow.


Invoice and Payment Mandatory fields

This release includes the ability to assign an authorisation level to a mandatory field on the Placement.

The associated mandatory alerts will then display based on the current authorisation level of the Placement.


Option to hide Social Media Icons

It is now possible to hide unwanted social media icons from the Candidate, Company & Contact profile view.

Within Admin > Lookups > Social Media Types - you will see the option to 'Show Icon'. Based on this selection it dictate whether the icon will appear on the associated entity type.


Option to default Diary View to ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’ or 'Monthly' view?

It is now possible to default the Diary view when opening the Diary to be either Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Within Admin > Global Settings > Diary section OR User Settings > Diary Section, you will see an option called:

'Default view on Diary'


Bug Fixes

Saved Search Not Retaining All Search Criteria

Previously when resaving an already saved search or using the 'Save As' option against an existing search result, it would lose the original search criteria. This has now been resolved.


Scan Document feature to include PDFs

An update has been made to the Scan Document feature so that it supports scanning for skills across PDF documents.


CVs Not Showing Preview Correctly

An issue which resulted in .DOC files appearing within the Document Preview with a large space above the preview text has been resolved.


German Words Not Catered For When Using 'View Text' In Colleague Search

The 'View Text' feature on a search result (generated by a Text Criteria search) previously did not support highlighting German characters such as: ü, ä and ö. This has now been resolved.


Default Timesheet Period End Day setting

The Global Setting which defines the default Timesheet Period End Day was previously being ignored. This has now been resolved.