Release Notes - 20.09.02

Sprint Goal: Deliver Checklist alert functionality to the Company entity, making it impossible to progress certain workflows unless specified Checklist items have been completed.

Upgrade Date: 07/10/20



Checklist Alerts (Company)

This release introduces the ability to restrict workflows based on whether specified checklist items have been completed against Company records. This follows the same workflow as the Candidate checklist with the option to alert OR stop workflows.


Backdate Emails - Log Old Emails against Existing Records

This release introduces the ability to backdate the logging of emails against a Candidate/Contact.

The option 'Backdate Emails' is available from the 'View More' menu on a Candidate and Contact record.

When pressed, users will have the ability to choose how far to backdate the email logging to and whether to log emails from the Primary or Secondary email address. If the date field is left blank it will log all emails to and from the requested email address.


Saved Search Phrases

This release re-introduces the ability to save and re-use search phrases (as per functionality available in V6).

This is accessed on the 'Search Term' panel (search phrases are saved on a per-user basis).

Press on the '+' sign to add, edit and remove search phrases.


Option to make Social Media Links mandatory

This release includes the option to make certain social media links mandatory when creating a Candidate, Company or Contact record.

Within Admin > Mandatory fields - you will find additional options for the Social Media types on your system (i.e. 'Social Media Type : LinkedIn').

When set as mandatory, the requested social media field will appear on the CV parser (under the 'Contact' tab) or Create Candidate/Company/Contact forms.

You can also click on the magnifying glass against the field to trigger a social media search based on the entered Forename and Surname.


History Templates

Within Admin > Lookups, against the 'History Text' lookup, it is now possible to setup multi-line history text entries.

These can then be used when creating histories and using the 'Text Selection' drop down list.

This was previously limited to a single line of text.


Add Company Website field to Requirement Candidate scope

The Company Website field has been added as a merge field to the Requirement Candidate scope (for use when emailing candidates from a Requirement record).


Add 'Selected Candidates' merge fields to Requirement Candidate scope

When sending multiple Candidate CVs to a Contact from a Requirement, there are now two additional merge fields made available to the user. These are:

  • Selected Candidate Names
  • Selected Candidate Ids

These will list the Candidates which are being sent to the Contact (separated by carriage return).


Bug Fixes

Ensure reminder date updates with start date on Tasks

Previously when creating a history and choosing to create a Task at the same time, whereas the 'Due Date' would update on the basis of the entered 'Start Date', the Reminder Date would not update. This now updates, the same as the 'Due Date' to save time on data entry.