Release Notes - 20.08.01

Sprint Goal: Deliver the ability to edit Documents using the local Word Application also provide Checklist functionality to the Company entity.

Upgrade Date: 23/08/20



Option to default opening Documents in Word Application

It is now possible to configure Colleague 7, so that on opening/editing a Word Document it will open the file using your local Word application (rather than Word Online).

This is enabled via a User/Global Setting under the section 'Integrations':

"Edit Word Documents using local Word Application rather than Word Online"


CV Send - Requirement Candidate merge fields

In previous versions, when sending a CV from a Requirement it would use the scope of 'Contact' for the merge fields. This has now been updated to use the 'Requirement Candidate' scope.

This allows the template to use merges fields relevant to the Candidate and the Requirement when sending a CV.

NOTE: Previous email templates that have been written for sending a CV from a Requirement will need to be updated to use the new scope of 'Requirement Candidate'. This will mean copying the contents of original template and creating a new template using 'Requirement Candidate' as the scope.

Save Signature - Email Signature

There is now a 'Save' and 'Cancel' button on the Email Signature.

When saving an email signature it will perform a check on the signature to ensure there are no invalid tags held within the signatures source code. Invalid tags have previously caused issues when sending emails, so this helps to prevent these types of issues from occurring in future.

If an invalid tag has been removed you will be advised via an alert message.

Pressing the 'Cancel' option will reset the signature to it's previously saved version.


Create Interview Diary/Task Automatically

When arranging an Interview, the Diary and Task panels can now be enabled by default.

The dates and times of the Diary and Task panels will update automatically based on the Interview Date/Time.

The subject for both the Diary entry and the Task will also auto-populate and update based on the Interview Type.

This is enabled via a Global and User Setting under the 'Requirement' section for each Diary and Task.

  • Automatically Create Diary Upon Arranging Interview - Yes/No
  • Automatically Create Task Upon Arranging Interview - Yes/No


Checklist function on Company Record

There is now a Checklist function for the Company entity.

Within Admin > Checklists, the Company entity has been added as an option.

Same as the other entities, this is made available via a Global Setting.

Within Global Settings, under the 'Company' section, set: 'Enable Company Checklist?' to 'Yes'.

When in a Company record, the Company checklist is available from the 'View More' menu.


API upgrade

To help ensure optimal performance we have recently upgraded the hosting server of the Colleague API.



Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 04/08/20 – 17/08/20

Watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 13:55