Release Notes - 20.07.02

Sprint Goal: Deliver the ability to 'Rename Document' and create a Contact Search from a Company Search Result.

Upgrade Date: 28/07/20



Rename Document option

Users will now be able to rename documents from the 'Documents' tab of an entity.

As part of this work, we have collated the various document options (Edit, Download, Delete, etc) into a sub menu called 'Document Options'.

When in a record, which supports having associated documents, a user will be able to select a document and then access the option 'Rename Document' from a 'Document Options' sub menu.


CV Parser on Main Navigation

Access to the CV Parser will now be immediately available via the main navigation menu.

Users will be able to drag and drop documents onto the 'Parse CV' option to trigger the parse or you can simply click on the option to find the file on your device.


Ability to Create a Contact Search Result from a Company Search

When in a Company Search Result, once a user has selected one or more companies, off the 'Selected Records' menu there is now the option to 'Create Contact Search'.

This process will then create a Contact Search Result, listing all contacts associated to the selected companies. The user can then run any of the Contact Search Result workflows (such as Spec CV, Email, SMS, etc).

There is also an option to return to the Company Search Result should you wish.


"Don't show this again" option for Duplicate warning alert on Documents Recieved

When in Documents Received on selecting 'Parse Attachment', if the email is associated to any existing Candidate records there is a potential duplicate warning which appears.

There is now a "Don't show this again" option against this alert. The preference for this alert is on a per user basis.

This does not effect the duplication checking which also occurs when in the CV Parser form.


API Update - Create Requirement Candidate record

The API has now been updated to support applications. Provided the API is passed the Candidate ID and the Requirement ID, a 'POST' can be made to longlist a Candidate to a Requirement.

A notification is then generated to the owner of the Requirement to advise that an application has been received with links to the Candidate and Requirement.


Bug Fixes

Issue with User Overview not refreshing correct

For clients which have bespoke User Overview dials that are different from user to user, there was an infrequent issue which would result in the dials failing to refresh correctly when switching users. This has now been resolved.


List invoices Create Document Overlay Issue

When creating a document against an invoice, an issue would sometimes occur preventing the confirmation alert from closing. This has now been resolved.