Release Notes - 20.06.01

Sprint Goal: Conduct Essential Server Maintenance & Implement Fixes based on Client Demand.

Upgrade Date: 14/06/20



‘Next’ Period Options to View Tasks starting in the Future

Previously within the Tasks area, the filter options were backwards looking (e.g. 'Last 30 days','Last 60 days' and so on).

It is now possible to filter Tasks based on Start Date and Due Date using forward looking filters (e.g. 'Next 30 days', 'Next 60 days' and so on).


Minor UI Updates: Custom Fields (Admin)

The Custom Fields area in Admin was updated so that the 'New Custom Group' and 'New Custom Field' options where switched around to be inline with the layout of the page.


Minor UI Updates: SMS Form

The SMS form was updated to more clearly advise the users SMS quota and the quota that will be used by sending the SMS message.


Bug Fixes

Upgrade Server Infrastructure (Performance Issues)

In response to Performance concerns, the server infrastructure which hosts the Colleague 7 platform was recreated using enhanced specifications available within Microsoft Azure.

The Colleague 7 web framework was then transferred to this updated infrastructure, resolving the performance issues in prior infrastructure.


Searching Using History Date Range Issue (Hot Fix)

An issue was found, whereby an error would occur when searching across histories if no Text Criteria was entered.

This has now been resolved.


Ensure the Undo Invoices workflow deletes any associated documents

When in the Back Office area, within List Invoices, on selection of an invoice or invoices and clicking 'Undo Invoices' - previously this would have removed the invoice record, but if you had created an invoice document it would have left the document as orphaned.

This has now been resolved. When removing an invoice via this workflow it will delete any associated documents.


Ensure Search Results Can Only Be Saved Once Results Were Displayed

Several bugs were linked to search results failing to be saved / loaded, due to the option to save a search result before the user clicked 'Show Results'. This option has now been removed.

When running a Search, you will now need to click on 'Show Results' before being able to select 'Save Search As'.