Release Notes - 20.03.02

Sprint Goal: Update the Login Page with a dynamic feed to update Users of any delivered changes or pending updates regarding Colleague 7.

Upgrade Date: 05/04/20



Update Main Login Page to Contain A Dynamic Feed to update Users

This release introduces a carousel on the login page to allow immediate display of news and information to users.


Total Units on Timesheets

When creating or editing a Timesheet, there is now a total units row at the bottom of the timesheets rates table.


Default Company Address Selection when creating Contact

There is now a new Global Setting under the Contact section to define whether the primary address is automatically placed in the contact address field when creating a Contact record. Default will be 'Yes'.


Storing PAYE Margin Calculator Selected Rate Values (IR35)

There is now a new merge field on Placements called 'PAYE Rates'. This will contain the selected Placement Rates from the Margin Calculator. This can then be included with the 'Key Information Document' advising Contractors of their Placement Details, including pay and additional deductions.


Duplication Check on CV Parser and Manual Candidate Creation

When checking for duplicates via the CV Parser or manual creation of a Candidate, it will now include checking the Home number.


Links To Records From Tables

We have now updated all tables so that when a record is listed, the name columns will be a link to the associated record.

This update affects the below tables:

  • Candidate > Experience, Spec CV Sent & Requirements Tables
  • Company > Spec CV Sent & Requirements Tables
  • Contact > Spec CV Sent & Requirements Tables
  • Requirement > Requirement Candidates Table
  • Back Office > Generate Invoices, Generate Payments, List Payments


Bug Fixes

Timesheet Calculations Issue (Rates)

This release introduces a fix for placement rates, previously when deleting a rate other rates would not shift down to fill the 'space', this would cause knock on effects with calculations on associated timesheets. This has been resolved.

One Meeting Request Per Meeting

This release rectifies the issue when generating Meeting Requests from Colleague 7.

Previously it would generate one meeting per recipient. Meeting requests will now generate one meeting with all recipients marked as participants. As only one meeting is created, the merge fields from the first recipient are used (as the details of the meeting are the same for all participants).

Forgotten Password Issue

There was an issue with the Reset Password function on the Login Page. This has now been resolved.

All reset password emails will now be sent from ''.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 17/03/20 – 30/03/20

Watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 7:59