Release Notes - 20.03.01

Sprint Goal: Update the Recent Items area, completing the work also delivered against Quick Search and Lists, so that users can define which fields they see when viewing records against any area off the main navigation menu.

Upgrade Date: 22/03/20



Update Recent Items to appear same as Quick Search and Lists

This release updates the Recent Items area to match the format of both Lists and Quick Search results. This includes the ability to email, phone and open associated web addresses from within Recent Items.


Duplication check on Manual Creation of Candidate records

When manually creating a Candidate record, there is a duplication check which is triggered when you enter details into the Surname, Forename, Email or Telephone number fields.

This will work the same as the CV parser in that it will advise the number of duplicates found. If you review these duplicates before clicking to save the Candidate it will process the request as normal. If you ignore the potential duplicates found, on clicking 'Save' it will prompt you to check the duplicates before proceeding.


Processing Emails Icon (Count on Emails being processed via Background Service)

For instances when you have sent a bulk email from a Search result. This release introduces a new icon to the top bar (alongside the Notifications bell icon) that displays the number of pending emails to be processed via the background service. This number will refresh as you navigate within the system.


Mark as Leaver – Option to copy GDPR Consent to new Contact

When in a Contact record and running the 'Mark As Leaver' workflow, it is now an option to copy over the GDPR Consent of the original Contact.


Bug Fixes

Attaching Documents No Longer Defines The Default Document

When sending an email from an Interview, if you wanted to add documents it would not advise the default document with a '[Default]' tag appended to the document name (like it does elsewhere in the system). This has been resolved.

This has also been added to the 'View Documents' option off the Summary View within a Search Result, and the 'View Text' option when in a Search result will advise the 'Date Added' and whether the Document is '[Default]'.


Histories Duplicating (Development following Investigation)

A fix was added to cleanup overlapping Office 365 email addresses.

When a user logs in with any matching Office 365 accounts, any associated tokens are stripped from the users table and the current users last logged in dates/times are updated. This ensures that histories created from the background service logging process are not duplicated.


Same Contact can be Added Multiple Times (when Arranging an Interview)

Further to the work delivered to allow for multiple Contacts to be associated with an Interview. It was noted that you could add the same Contact mulitple times. A check is now in place to prevent this from happening.


Update 'Link to Requirement' partial view to copy Company and Contact to Lookups

When in a Candidate record and looking to Longlist/Shortlist the Candidate to a Requirement. On running the 'Link to Requirement' workflow and entering a Company name, if you then click on the magnifying glass it would not copy the field content through to the partial view lookup. This has now been resolved.

We have also applied this update to the Selection screens, and will continue to update all areas of the system over the coming sprints for consistency.


Offer / Placement - If the Department field on the record was NULL it would show the top value in the list as being selected

There is now a blank option on the Department field so that if the Department is NULL, it will not show the first option in the Department lookup.


On a Placement if the Placed By User is marked as Inactive and not licenced, the Placed By User would show as the first User in the list

In the event of accessing a Placement which been placed by an ex user (or inactive user), it will now show/list the user in the Placed User field as normal, rather than hide the user (as inactive). This same solution will be implemented in other areas, as this scenario is a known issue within the system (i.e. Picked Up By User of Requirement).



Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 03/03/20 – 16/03/20

Watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 8:36