Release Notes - 20.02.02

Sprint Goal: Update the Lists area with the ability to specify which fields you can see, following the same format as the Quick Search.

Upgrade Date: 08/03/20



Ability to add columns to Lists area (Update with new Quick Search design)

This release updates the Lists area to match the format of Quick Search results.

This includes the ability to define the fields which are shown per entity, Email addresses linking to the Email form, telephone numbers prompting 'click to dial' and website addresses opening the URL in a new tab.


Update Placement Selection Screen with ability to Email Candidate/Contact

This release adds the ability to select Placements from the Placement Selection Screen and press 'Email'.

The user can then choose whether to email the Candidate, Contact or both. On selection, an email form will appear with the associated email addresses from all selected Placements populated in the 'To' field.


Carry over Custom Fields on Placement when Extending/Amending

When Amending and/or Extending a Placement, any custom field data will now be copied over into the new Placement record.


Ensure Context Menu remains on the page at all times (Back Office area)

When in the Back Office area, under 'Generate Invoices', 'List Invoices', 'Generate Payments' & 'List Payments', the context menu as well as any alerts will now be fixed to the top of the page.


Include 'Created By' on Timesheet & Charges table

Within a Contract or Rolling Placement, on the Timesheets and Charges tables, it will now advise the 'Created By' field as a column option. This will advise the name of the user who created that Timesheet or Charge.


Searching All Address Fields option

When in the Search, against all searchable entities, users will now be able to search on 'All Addresses' rather than need to reference the specific field of the address record. On the Company Search there will be a 'Primary Address' field and an 'All Addresses' field.


Option to Add Mulitple Contacts to Interviews (Interview Record)

In the previous release the ability to add mulitple contacts when arranging an interview was added. In this release, the ability to do this within the interview record has been added.


'List Invoices' table links

Within the Back Office area, on the 'List Invoices' table, the Company name will now link to the assoicated Company record and the Contact name will now link to the Contact record.


Link Primary Company Address to Addresses tab

When in a Company record, on pressing the 'Primary Address' which is shown on the Admin page, it will take the user to the Addresses tab and open the associated Address.



Bug Fixes

Combine Search

An issue which resulted in a combined search result failing to be saved has now been resolved.


Error Unauthorising Perm placement

There was an issue that would result in Permanent Placements not being able to be unauthorised back from level 2 to level 1.

This has now been resolved.


Handling of Image based CV

When attempting to parse a CV which is entirely image based our CV parsing engine (powered by Text Kernel) would produce a generic error.

There will now be a more friendly error contained within an alert. This will be the same whether being processed from the CV Parser page, Candidate Selection screen and Documents Received.




MS Graph Timeout Handling

During this sprint an investigation was undertaken to find an enhanced method of maintaining the link between Office 365 and Colleague 7. This is similiar to the work which was undertaken several sprints ago to keep the session active on the basis of key strokes and navigation.

A proof of concept has been established and will be delivered as part of the next sprint.



Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 18/02/20 – 02/03/20

Watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 6:31