Release Notes - 20.01.02

Sprint Goal: Deliver a key update to the main Search to improve performance and undertake several fixes based on client demand.

Upgrade Date: 09/02/20




API - Register Candidate via API (with Username and Password)

As part of our API / Portal integration project, this release introduces the ability to register a Candidate with both a username and password via the Colleague 7 API.

Usernames must be 8+ characters (and unique), Passwords must be 8+ characters. Both are capped at 255 characters in length.

Email to be recorded against Registered CV

Following this update, the originating email containing a CV (Document) will be recorded as a history log entry when parsing a CV (creating a Candidate), attaching the document to an existing record or updating an existing Candidate via the CV Parser.


View Text - Sort Documents by Highest Ranking Order

This release introduces a change to the 'View Text' feature when Text Criteria searching. When viewing the searched text, document results will now be sorted by their full text search rank, so that the highest ranking documents will sorted top down.


Simplify Email Form

This release simplifies the email form, all existing options remain available but there is now the option to minimise under a section called 'Show/Hide Advanced/Merge Options'. There is a User Setting to default the behaviour of the email form - under "User Setting > System > Display Email Advanced Options when composing an Email"


Add 'Allow Selection' option to Currency Codes in Admin > Lookups

This release introduces the ability to limit the Currency Codes shown on all Currency dropdowns as well as inclusion in Reports (all will default to available so there is no adverse impact).


Updates to CV Parser

When running the CV Parser the 'View Duplicates' label has been updated so that it will now advise the number of potential duplicates found. The duplicate warning alert will no longer be triggered when first accessing the CV Parser form. Instead, the alert will only appear if the user has not clicked on the duplicates view to check the duplicates found. If they have done the alert will not be triggered.

Also when no duplicates are found we have made sure that the Duplicates Alert does not appear.

Bug Fixes

Issues with Signatures (CK Editor 4 bug fixes)

This release includes several minor fixes for CKEditor notably: Text pasted in will retain it's font (provided it exists within CKEditor), Images pasted in should retain their size and a bug has been fixed where an image would be visible in the editor but would show a missing content icon upon being sent.

In addition 'Bookman Old Style' and 'Lucida Calligraphy' have been added to the font selection within CK Editor panels.


Black Screen Adding LinkedIn Profile To Contact

Fixed a bug where moving a Contact (via 'Mark As Leaver') and including either the social media links or existing documents would cause a conflict the next time a new document was inserted.


Issue with HTML Versions for Newly Parsed CVs

When parsing a new CV, if you have applied the setting to include the HTML file as part of the registration, this file was showing the HTML code in the document preview, rather than browser format. This has now been resolved.


Documents Attached to Records Twice

If you were creating or adding documents, there was an issue when using certain Document Types that would result in mulitple documents being either created or added. This has now been resolved.


Issue with Documents tab - Edit, Download, Delete options

When on Documents tab, if you selected a document (and if it is a DOC or DOCX) this would prompt the 'Edit Document' option to appear, for all other document types this will also prompt the 'Delete Document' and 'Download Document' to become available, if you then pressed 'Add New Document', the 'Edit Document', 'Delete Document' and 'Download Document' options were all still available despite now not working correctly.

This has now been resolved.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 21/01/20 – 03/02/20

Watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 8:00