Release Notes - 19.12.02

Sprint Goal: Deliver a series of infrastructural updates that will improve performance and consistency when using Colleague 7.

Upgrade Date: 12/01/20



Updates to the Background Service

This update consisted of a series of necessary enhancements to ensure the background service processed bulk mailing using multi thread channelling rather than the previous queuing system approach. This will ensure bulk mailers are managed in parallel with other requests ensuring minimal delay.


Add Error Logging to Background Service

Updates were required to ensure specific and detailed logging is provided in the event of issues on the Background Service. This will help improve the speed it takes to deliver any future bug fixes in this area.


Multi-Selection on Skill Criteria

This release introduces the ability to select/add multiple skills all at once whilst performing a Skill Criteria search. This is achieved in the same manner as adding skills against an entity record. Ranges can be selected using the Shift key whilst individual skills can be picked/removed by holding down the Ctrl key.


Add/Update Profile Picture From Main Tab

Users can now upload a profile picture by simply clicking on the profile picture image or by dragging and dropping an image into the box.


Email Signature Template

There is now an option to create Email Signature templates. This is done within Admin > Templates > by selecting the type ‘Email Signature’. When doing this the Scope will be hard coded to use ‘User Merge’ (which will contain merge fields to the Users table).

Provided the User has permission to edit their Email Signature, they can then assign a template against their User from within User Settings > Email Signature.

Administrators can assign Email Signature Templates against Users via Admin > Users.

This will then be used as the signature when composing an outgoing email.

Website Field on Candidate

There is now a website field on the Candidate record that can be made mandatory and is searchable.


Add Ownership Column to Company Contact Listing

When in a Company > Contacts tab. There is now a new column option on the Contacts table to show the Owner(s) of the Contact. If there are multiple owners, the Owner list may be truncated, but a user will be able to mouseover to view a tooltip showing all owners.


Don’t Show This Again - Alerts

The following workflows now have a “Don’t show this again?” tickbox option:

  • Editing a Document (Post edit advisory text)
  • Search for Requirements (from Candidate > Submit > Search for Requirements)
  • Search for Candidates (Requirement > Search for Candidates)
  • Spec CV to Multiple Contacts (Candidates > Submit > Spec CV to Multiple Contacts)

Your choices are updated within User Settings under the section Alerts.


New UGP - Who Can Accept/Reject Offers

There is now a new User Group Permission under the category of ‘Placement’ which allows an admin to set which User Groups can ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ offers.


Tidy Up User Group Permissions

We have tidied up the ‘User Group Permission’ area within Admin so that the permissions are categorised by section. There is also now a description which summarises the purpose of the permission.

Included in this update is the ability to set all permissions to 'No Access' via a toolbar option ‘Set All to No Access’.


Hide Toolbar Options on Archived & Deleted Records

When a record is archived all toolbar options are now hidden except for a 'Back' button, 'Unarchive' and 'Add to List'.

When a record is deleted all toolbar options are hidden except for a 'Back' button.


Bug Fixes

Performance Updates

As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline the SQL processing when loading records, we conducted a review of the SQL logs and made several updates to improve performance. This updates include:

  • Ensure the system did not unecessarily load the 'lookup_reports' listing on every page (in the background)
  • Reduce unnecessary reads of entityname on page load
  • Stop Skills from being loaded twice
  • Streamling the loading of Linked Documents
  • Ensure Global Settings are set with default values to prevent mulitple back and forth SQL checks


Retry Loop on Email Sending

Previously when sending an email, if MS Graph (Microsoft Office 365 API) was unresponsive it would produce an error. We have now added an automatic retry loop into the code to attempt the send three times. Sometime MS Graph is handling large volumes of traffic and is not always immediately responsive, this will help ensure scenarios like this are managed better.


GDPR Consent Notifications - Rewrite

The retrieval process for managing GDPR notifications has been updated to handle larger volume.


Timeout alert not visible on Recent Items, Admin Page, Back Office, Power BI page

The recent timeout setting, which logs a user out of Colleague 7 when inactive for two hours, will generate an alert with a countdown. This alert would fail to appear on Recent Items, Admin, Back Office and the Power BI page. This has now been resolved.


CV Parser issue when Registering Candidates

An issue which prevented users from registering candidates via the CV Parser has been resolved. The missing mandatory fields alert would fail to trigger and there were issues with mandatory field grouping also. This was caused by the recent update to prevent a user from going back to the CV parser page (via Browser back button) once a candidate has been registered.

All associated issues have been resolved and this was hot fixed to the client base during the sprint.


Not able to edit PO Numbers on Placement

An issue which prevented users from being able to edit PO numbers against a Placement, even though they had the required User Group Permission, has been resolved.


Lists: Removing from List in View All mode removes from all

When within the Lists area and if a User set the List option to 'View All', if you removed a record from a list it would remove that record from all lists associated to that User. This has now been resolved so that you only ever remove the selected record from the chosen list.


Default LinkedIn Search lookup no longer works (hot fix)

Linked In updated the URL of their public facing 'People' lookup. This temporarily caused our Social Media Search option for Linked In to not work. The required update has been applied. This update was also rolled out to all clients as a hotfix.


Issue with showing correct Experience record

The 'Current Employer' fields on the Candidate are updated by the latest Experience record.

Which Experience is treated as the latest is calculated by using the start/end dates issued against the Experience records. If there are no known start/end dates on the Experience the system will determine the latest based on the creation date of the Experience.

This helps ensure if the User has added the Experience via the Personal Tab, and simply entered the Job Title, Company and Contact, it will show on the Personal tab as expected.

We have also added a refresh button to this area so that if a User adds an Experience, they can refresh to view the latest.


‘Back to Candidate’ option from Search for Requirements

Previously when running the 'Search for Requirements' workflow from a Candidate record, there was not a clear way to go back to the Candidate. There is now an option which says: 'Go Back To Candidate'.

‘Back to Requirement’ option from Search for Candidates

Previously when running the 'Search for Candidates' workflow from a Requirement record, there was not a clear way to go back to the Requirement. There is now an option which says: 'Go Back To Requirement'.


History text on ‘Candidate Stage Updated’ type to include Company Name

The History text which is added to the Candidate, Company and Contact when a Candidate is Longlisted/Shortlisted to a Requirement will now contain the Company Name linked with the Requirement.


Cancel button on CV Parser to navigate the user back to where they were

Previously the Cancel button on the CV Parser would take the user back to a blank CV Parser page. This has now been updated to take the User back to whereever they were before they loaded the CV Parser.


Pressing ‘Cancel’ when creating a Requirement from a Company

When going to a Company > Requirements tab and pressing 'Create Requirement', previously if you cancelled this workflow you would be taken to the Requirement Selection Screen. You are now taken back to the Company.

Pressing ‘Cancel’ when creating a Requirement from a Contact

When going to a Contact > Requirements tab and pressing 'Create Requirement', previously if you cancelled this workflow you would be taken to the Requirement Selection Screen. You are now taken back to the Contact.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 10/12/19 – 06/01/20

Watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 15:39