Release Notes - 19.11.02

Sprint Goal: Complete the 2nd phase of works required to allow for the number of skills against a record to be a mandatory setting.

Upgrade Date: 01/12/19




Mandatory Field Setting - Minimum No of Skills

This release introduces the ability to select a minimum number of skills for new and/or existing Candidate, Company, Contact and Requirement records. This is achieved via Admin > Mandatory Fields using the 'Skills' option. You can then set the minimum number of skills via the 'Min. of Skills' numeric field.

Once in place a user will be prompted to enter the minimum amount of skills when creating a record or updating an existing record.


Recognising Duplicate Social Media URLs

There is now a duplicate check when adding any Social Media URLs, which will advise if any existing records contain that URL.

A user will be given links to access any matching records.


Add Type filter to Contacts Tab on Company

This release introduces the ability to filter the Contacts on a Company Record by Contact Type.


Add 'List' Column to Lists area when in 'View All' mode

When in the 'Lists' area and setting the filter to 'View All', an additional "List Name" column will be added to the table so it is clear which records belong to which List.


User Group Permission on Email Signatures

There is now a new User Group Permission which grants the ability for a user to edit their Email Signature.

If a user does not have the ability to change their signature, when sending an email, the signature will be held within a read only text box and joined to the email body during the sending process.


Add Skill Grade to Skill Criteria

You can now specify the Skill Grade when entering 'Skill Criteria'.

You are also now able to double click on a Skill to add it to 'Skill Criteria'.


User Overview - Ability to Specify Location of Dial

There are now options to set the KPI Dials to be personal settings. This also allows the position of each dial to be specified by using the value_header to be the position ie. KPIDial01 is the first dial, KPIDial06 is the 6th dial (first dial on the second row) etc.


Company Address - Primary rather than Secondary

When adding/editing a Company Address, you can now set the 'Primary Address' rather than setting whether the address is 'Secondary'.

There must be at least one primary address per Company. On setting a Primary address it will set all other addresses to Secondary.


Back Office - List Payments

Within the new Back Office area, there is now a 'List Payments' section which allows you to undo payments.


Select All option on Mark As Leaver

There is now a 'Copy All' option when running the Mark As Leaver feature to save the User time/clicks.


Workflows Updated to Respond to the ‘Enter’ Key

When running the below workflows, the system will now treat the use of the 'Enter' key as if pressing the 'OK' option.

  • All Entities: Update Name
  • All Entities: Adding a List
  • All Entities: Uploading Document
  • Candidate & Company: Add Bank Details
  • Company: Add / Save Editing of PO Number
  • Requirement: Search For Candidates
  • Requirement & Placement: Add Rate
  • Placement: Unauthorise Placement

Further workflows will be updated with this option.


Bug Fixes

Company & Contact Addresses (remove commas)

We have removed unnecessary commas appearing against Company and Contact Addresses when the values of address lines are blank.

We have also added the animation gif when you are saving an address, and there is now 'No Company Address' place holder text shown on the Company Admin tab when there is no Company Address.


Reports Maintenance not including Custom Reports

Previously the Reports Maintenance area would only show standard reports and not include custom reports. This has now been resolved.


Created Documents not working if ampersand is in record

Following recent fixes applied to handle symbols/characters. Whenever creating a document which merged through an ampersand, it would result in an error.


Mandatory Fields warning showing above all other fields 

The mandatory field warning, which appears if a mandatory field is empty, used to show above the toolbar if you scrolled down the record. This has now been resolved to be encased properly within the UI.


Rename Search issue (following ‘Save As’ against old search)

If you opened a saved search, made changes to the search, ran a 'Save As' to create a new Search and then selected to 'Rename' the search, it would be the name of the original search - not the newly saved search.


Ensure when opening a record it doesn't load the Document Preview to the Default Document until ‘Documents’ tab selected

Previously, when loading a record it would automatically load the Preview of the Default Document. This is not necessary until the user has selected the Documents tab and adds to the performance load when opening a record. Resolved.

GDPR Consent issue when sending a bulk email

When sending a bulk email from a search result, the check which is performed would look to verify whether all records have received GDPR consent. This has been adjusted so that it only search for GDPR status if the consent has been requested, as some clients do not use this feature.


Red Asterisks on Mandatory Fields in Tasks

Mandatory fields are now highlighted with a red asterisk.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 12/11/19 – 25/11/19

Watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 13:37