Release Notes - 19.10.02

Sprint Goal: Deliver the ability to manage bespoke User specific Lists in replacement to 'Favourites'.

Upgrade Date: 03/11/19




Lists (Replacement to Favourites)

In this release we have enhanced the 'Favourites' section to now be called 'Lists'. This area now supports a user being able to create as many lists as they would like. Any existing 'Favourites' will be added to the default 'Favourites' list (a base list which cannot be deleted).

Within entity records and the Search, the 'Add to Favourites' option has been replaced with 'Add to List'. This will give the option to select any of the User's lists.

To create new lists, a user can select '- New List -' when running the 'Add to List' workflow, or via the List Maintenance area in their User Settings.


Option to Bypass Offers

As of this release a client may choose to enable or disable the Offer stage on Requirements.

When enabled the workflow will continue as it has previously, creating Offers and converting to Placement on acceptance.

When disabled users will create unauthorised Placements directly from the Requirement and the Candidates table will show a 'Placed' column instead of an 'Offered' column.

The Offers selection screen off the main navigation menu can also be hidden via a Global setting.

Both settings are in Admin > Global Settings > Offer.


Add Date Formatted Start Date to Requirement

This release introduces a formatted Start Date to the Requirement record. The previous freetext Start Date is now referred to as 'Start Date Notes'.
The formatted Start Date will also carry over into the Offer / Placement form.
Merge fields have been added for both Formatted and Free Text options (please ensure you check any Requirement templates which previously referenced the Start Date merge field).

In instances of Contract based Requirements, provided the formatted Start Date and Duration (Weeks) fields are not empty, when creating an Offer/Placement it will also auto-calculate the End Date.

Introduce Audit Trail for History deletion

Deleting History items will now create an Activity Log entry in the backend Activity table for auditing purposes.


Back Office Settings area

Within Admin, a new Back Office Settings area has been setup.

We've also added a new User Group Permission to access this Settings page.


Option to mouseover diary entries and view full text

A user can now hover over diary entries within the Diary and view a summary of the information regarding that entry.


Update Partial View Lookup and Select Options

The partial views throughout the system have been updated to be more responsive.

When a lookup view is loaded, the user can select 'Lookup' or 'Cancel'. When a record is chosen the 'Lookup' option will switch to become 'Select'. If the record is unticked the option will switch back to be 'Lookup'.

An additional 'Clear' option has been added for multi-record selection views (i.e. Add option on Search results). When pressed this will clear all selected records.


Search on Records with No Skills

Users can now search for records with no skills, this is performed via a check box at the bottom of the 'Skill Criteria' section in the search screen. When pressed any existing skill criteria will be removed.


Add Company Link to Spec CV tab

On a Candidate, on the Spec CVs Sent tab there is now a Company button that links to the Company of the Contact that has been sent the CV.


Bug Fixes

Issue With Flags (Search Result reordering)

The issue raised was that when assigning flags to search results, the results would reorder.

To prevent the ordering of elements shifting in the case of being sorted on a non-unique column (such as linked entities or job titles) the majority of entity types will now always fall back to sorting on the unique (ID) column following all other sorting (provided the ID isn't already specified as a sorting column).


Owned By User in Selection Screens filter (Active)

It was noted that the 'Owned By User' field on the Selection Screens was not an accurate recreation of the Teams area (Admin > Teams) as it filtered out 'Unlicenced' Users. This has now been updated so that the only criteria is the 'Active' field against the User record being set to 'Yes'.


Team Search to include records physically owned by the Team

It was noted that following the update from the previous sprint, whereas Users under Teams were searchable, if you assigned a Team to a record this was not found in the search. This has now been resolved.


Requirement ID being lost when navigating between records

When linking a Requirement to a Search result and viewing a selection of records. The Requirement ID would be lost when navigating backwards between the records. This would prevent the user from being able to longlist / shortlist candidates via this workflow. This has now been resolved.


Default Saved Search sorting incorrect

Previously the default sorting order of a recent or saved search on the 'Saved Searches' page has been based on the Search name. This has now been updated to be based on the created date of the Search. Ascending Order (most recent first).


Timesheet and Charges Tab on Permanent Offer

When making an Offer against a Permanent requirement, if your User Group privilege was authorised to view Timesheets and Charges (against Contract Placements), you would see these tabs available on the Permanent Offer in error. This has now been resolved.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 15/10/19 – 28/10/19

Watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 9:33