Release Notes - 19.10.01

Sprint Goal: Deliver a series of minor/medium updates based on user feedback, whilst progressing the Back-Office project with the ability to Edit Invoices.

Upgrade Date: 22/10/19




Ability to Edit Invoices

This release introduces the ability to View/Edit invoice records, this can be accessed by selecting a single invoice on the List Invoices page and clicking the 'Edit Invoice' button at the top of the page (posted invoices are read only).


Team Option in Selection Screens

This release updates ownership searching on selection screens so that users can search based on a Team, a specific User within a Team or Users against all associated Teams (including sub teams).

The lists are dynamic based on selection. So on selection a certain Team, the User list will update to only contain Users from that Team. If you select the User first, the Team option will only contain the Teams associated to that User.


Pull Candidate Rates/Salary into Offer (and auto calculate margin)

When making an Offer, the Rates held against the Candidate Details on the Requirement will be pulled into the Offer form. For Contracts, provided you have entered both Pay and Charge, the process will auto calculate the margin as well.


Put Cursor In First Field When Adding A Record

When creating a candidate the cursor will automatically be in the 'Surname' Field
When creating a company the cursor will automatically be in the 'Company Name' Field
When creating a contact the cursor will automatically be in the 'Surname' Field


Active Date on Report Target Setting

There is now an Active Date field column on the Report Targets table to signify when the Target comes into effect (for reporting purposes).


Requirement Search > Add option Partial View

As of this release adding new Requirements to a Requirement Search is achieved via a partial view instead of a separate page / Requirement selection screen lookup.


Default Search Type setting

There is now an option within User Settings and Admin > Search Settings to set up a default search entity. Whether that be Candidate, Contact, Company or Requirement. Based on the User selection this will dictate the default search which appears when selecting 'Search'.


Option to Copy Documents in Mark As Leaver workflow

We have now added the option to Copy Documents within the "Mark As Leaver" workflow so that the Contact which is created will have copies of the Documents held against the Original Contact.


Social Media Links Not Passed Over Through Mark As Leaver

We have now added the option to Copy Social Media Links within the "Mark As Leaver" workflow so that the Contact which is created will have the same Social Media Links as the Original Contact.


Last Login Date Field Added to Users Records

There is now a new field held against all User records which logs the date/time the User last logged into the system. This is populated on login by the user.


Bug Fixes

Missing merge fields from Offer/Placement Scope

Added additional Merge Fields 'Days Per Week' and 'Candidate Company Registration Number' to the Offer / Placement Scope for Templates.


Create Diary / Task Errors from Interview

An issue which would result in errors when creating Diary entries or Tasks from the Interview workflow has now been resolved.


Candidates/Companies/Contacts do NOT get searchname or fullname on Insert

An issue, which has been resolved via a trigger per system up until now, has now been fixed in the main code line.

This ensures the 'searchname' and 'fullname' fields (used in Quick Search and Selection Screen searching) are populated when creating new records.


Issue Shortlisting Candidates on Requirement

An issue which resulted in the ability to bulk shortlist candidates no longer working has now been resolved.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 01/10/19 – 14/10/19

Watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 10:05