Release Notes - 19.09.02

Sprint Goal: Continue to progress the Back Office project with updates to the Print Invoices feature and Manual Invoice/Credit options. Also add the ability to Delete History.

Upgrade Date: 06/10/19



Option to Delete History

This release introduces the ability to delete History records.

A user will only be able to delete History records if they have the User Group Permission 'Delete History Items' set to 'Full Access'.

Individual History codes can then be marked as deletable within 'Admin > Lookups > History Codes' using the field 'Allow Deletion'. All Histories which users want to be able to delete will need to be marked with a 'Yes'. Same workflow as the 'Allow Edit' field.

Add option to Link Manual Invoice / Credit to Placement record

When creating a manual invoice or credit there is now an option to link it to a Placement.


When Adding a new Candidate, Company or Contact from the Selection Screens copy Criteria

If you have searched for a Candidate, Company or Contact via the selection screens, not found a matching record and then chosen to create a new record, the system will now copy any searched criteria (i.e. First Name, Surname, Email and Telephone number) across to the 'Create New' form.


Show Job Boards tab - UGP Setting

There is now a User Group Permission which dictates whether the Job Boards tab is visible on the Requirement.

So if this functionality is not being used it can now be hidden.


Introduce Email Button to field

Against all email fields there is now an email icon. When pressed this will trigger the Email form with the selected Email Address copied into the 'To' field.

This is to cater for situations when users want to send emails to the secondary email address.


Name of Saved Search in Title Bar

When in the search area, if you have opened a Saved Search or are saving a Search result it will show the search name in the black title bar.


Add 'Assistant' field on Contact Record

When in a Contact record there is a 'Reports To' field to signify the Contacts Line Manager. There is now an 'Assistant' field to signify if the Contact has a subordinate.

This is an old V6 field which was missing from the UI but remained part of the original database schema. This field will be populated with any historical data as part of the update.

The organisation chart was also updated to factor in this field.


Bug Fixes

Error When Searching with Quotes

When Text Criteria searching, users were seeing errors if they copied search terms from websites or Microsoft Word.

Colleague will now replace characters that appear similar to double quotes in certain typefaces (ʺ, ˮ, ◌̎, ◌̏, ◌֞, ˝, ″, ″, ”, “, ״) with the accepted quotation mark (").


Update Skills Path Processing to remove duplicate reads

Following the Skills update from 19.09.01, a performance based fix was required.

When parsing a CV or adding/removing a skill, the skills process was making multiple calls to the new procedure 'FetchSkillsWithFullPaths'. This had a detrimental affect to system performance.

Resolved and hotfixed to the client base mid sprint.


Error When Trying To Move Contact

Following the Skills update from 19.09.01, the 'Mark As Leaver' process was updated to account for the new skills path approach.

This issue affected the ability to copy skills to a new contact and/or the new company.

Resolved and hotfixed to the client base mid sprint.


History Showing Incorrect Contact Name

When on the Company History tab, if you pressed 'Show Contact History' it would sometimes show a history appearing against the wrong Contact Name. This has now been resolved.

Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 17/09/19 – 30/09/19

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 9:29