Release Notes - 19.09.01

Sprint Goal: Deliver the ability to generate invoice documents in bulk from within the Back-Office area.

Upgrade Date: 22/09/19




Back Office - List Invoices - Print Invoices

The Back Office area in Colleague 7 now includes the option to create an invoice document from an invoice record. This process is referred to as 'Print Invoices' and allows for the creation of a PDF or Word (DOCX) file containing merged data from the invoice.

This document is then ready to be printed or sent as an attached in an email, which we will add as functionality in a future release.


Back Office - Manual Credit

This release includes the ability to create and edit manual credits, in addition users may now return to the Header Detail page to adjust details after creating a header (though the Company and Owning Company will be read only)


Lookups/Skills Categories - Ability To Add Existing Skills To Another Parent

Users can now add additional parents to a skill. Doing so will make the skill appear under all the selected skill parents as the same skill (i.e. renaming the skill under one parent will also update all other parents).

Note: When doing a skill criteria search, you have the option to search by Code or Description:

  • Searching by Skill 'Code' will search for the skill under the selected parent only (even if the skill is under multiple parents)
  • Searching by Skill 'Description' will search for all instances of the skill (looking at all parents)

This includes grouping skill parents within other skill parents.

There is a Global Setting to enable this feature under the system section: 'Use Advanced Skill Parenting' this is a Yes/No. Set to 'Yes' to see the new option in Lookups > Skill categories.

If set to 'No' it will remain as it does currently.


Searching based on History Types and Date Range alone

This release adds the ability to search History logs via History Type & Date Range alone (without the need to add any text phrases).

There are no changes to the other text searching processes.


Open in New Tab Options

This release introduces the ability to select whether the following items should open in new tabs:

  • Quick Search Results
  • Selection Screen Results
  • Task Entities
  • Recent Item Results
  • Favourite Results
  • Reports Screen
  • Power BI Screen
  • Company Contact Listing

These are Global and User settings under the 'System' section.


Update Requirement Title Bar with 'at Company Name'

On a Requirement the page title now includes the company name.


Bug Fixes

Issues creating Diary Entries

When attempting to connect to MS Graph for the purposes of creating a Calendar Event (Diary Entry) or Task, in the event of MS Graph not responding, the user will be given an error with a 'Retry' option.

We have now updated the Diary creation process so that there is an automatic retry loop in effect. This ensures brief instances of MS Graph unavailablity (which we believe to be the root cause for the issue) should be managed.


Strip out spaces on Click to Dial

To ensure that the 'Click to Dial' function is supported by a telephony solution in place on client site, we have amended this feature so that any spaces in the telephone number are stripped out of the 'TEL' request when clicking on the icon to dial.


Alert for Job Boards tab if no Broadbean User/Pass

Previously if you clicked on the Job Boards tab of a Requirement without having a Broadbean Username/Password in your User Settings, the tab would attempt to sync with an unknowable account and loop indefinitely.

There is now an alert which is shown to advise that you need to enter your Broadbean User / Pass into your User Settings.


Retry option on Job Boards sync failure

On the Job Boards tab, in the event of the Broadbean API being unavailable or some other form of sync failure, there is now an alert message shown with a 'Retry' option to sync with the advert.


When creating a Requirement from Contact, copy Contact Telephone to field

Previously when creating a Requirement from a Contact record, the contact's direct number would not copy across to the 'Contact Phone' field of the Requirement form until you pressed 'Save'. This now copies the number over immediately.


When exporting a Search Result into an Excel spreadsheet flag name is value

In the previous release, when exporting a search result into excel, if you included the 'Flag' column rather than exporting the flag description (as expected) it would export the flag number/value. This has now been updated to export the description.


Sending SMS Confirmation Alerts

Previously when sending an SMS you would get a confirmation request on clicking 'Send' and a confirmation alert upon completion of the process. Neither of these alerts were necessary or consistent with other workflows, so they have been removed.


Contact Start Date - Last Contacted message

When adding a start date which was after the 'Last Contacted' date, it would advise a validation error on the field, requesting that the start date be before the 'Last Contacted' date. This was not correct and has been removed.

You should only not be able to assign a start date after the end date.


Replaced 'Added to Favourites' confirmation alert with overlay

When adding a record as a favourite it would previously show a confirmation alert. This has been replaced with an overlay.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 03/09/19 – 16/09/19

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 15:22