Release Notes - 19.08.02

Sprint Goal: Continue implementing the background service required to extract reporting statistics from Mailchimp.

Upgrade Date: 25/08/19




Mailchimp Integration - Get reporting information from MailChimp to create History Logs and Notifications

Colleague has now implemented a background service that regularly monitors the reporting statistics of a linked Candidate or Contact record on Mailchimp.

This includes a notfication for unsubscriptions, as well as Global Settings for the API key and user credentials.

In the next sprint, we will implement the required workflow to select Candidates and Contacts from a search result and then upload these to a selected Mailchimp list. This will complete the initial phase of work integrating Mailchimp with Colleague 7.


Name Change - Option to Update Associated Offer/Placement Records

When renaming Candidates, Companies and Contacts the user now has the option to update Current/Future Placements and Pending Offers linked to the record. This is enabled via a new User Group Permission per entity - i.e 'Update Offers/Placements on Candidate Name Change (Including Back Office Details)'.


Option to View Completed Tasks

This release introduces functionality to the Tasks page, which allows users to view completed Tasks. On selection of 'View Completed Tasks' the user is given a date range (default to 7 days) and on pressing 'OK' will be able to view all the Tasks the user completed within that date range.

This works in conjunction with the User dropdown, so you can view the Tasks completed by another User.

Completed Tasks are read only. You can also view and sort by the 'Completed Date' as a column in the Tasks table.


Completed Option Within Documents Received

This release adds an option to the Documents Received area that allows users to mark a message as 'Completed'. It also lets the user toggle between completed or uncompleted messages by selecting and deselecting the 'Show Completed' checkbox.


Default Setting when Backdating Email Logging

A new setting has been introduced (Global & User) to automatically backdate the logging of emails when creating Candidate & Contact records: 'Backdate the logging of emails to a set number of days automatically (prompt will not be shown, 0 for all emails)'.

This setting is ignored if the backdating of emails is disabled.

If the field value is blank, the alert message will appear as it does currently when creating a record.

If the value is '0' the process will automatically backdate all emails linked to the created record.

If the value is greater than 0 the process will automatically backdate all emails by the number of days set within the field.


Update 'Link To Requirement' Workflow in Candidate Search Result to use Partial View

Linking a Candidate Search to a Requirement now uses the drop-down partial view rather than navigating to the Requirement Selection screen.


User Group Permissions on Authorisation Levels

This release adds two new User Group Permissions which grant or deny the ability to authorise/unauthorise a Placement:

  • 'Authorise/Unauthorise Level 1 Placements'
  • 'Authorise/Unauthorise Level 2 Placements'

Bug Fixes

Issue Updating Last Contacted on Contact (Created from Mark As Leaver)

This release fixes an issue where the 'Last Contacted' date wasn't carrying over to the new Contact record when marking a Contact as a leaver. In addition updating a Contact's 'Last Contacted' date will now set the 'Last Contacted' date on the associated Company.


Issue with 'Link to Requirement' > Submit function

Candidate record > select 'Link to Requirement' option > Partial View appears and the auto-search on Ownership is performed and Results displayed > Select a Company in the Partial View and Search - Results are returned > Cancel the Partial View > Select the 'Link to Requirement' option again from Submit > The Results in the partial View now display the previous Company results as opposed to the Ownership Results which should be displayed.



Admin > Templates > Email > Subject line doesn't save

Within Admin > Templates, if it is an 'Email' template type you have a field for the Subject line, when you enter text in here and then come out and go back in to the template, it doesn't save.



Minor Label changes

On Search (Candidate, Company and Contact) - 'Included Archived' changed to 'Include Archive'.

On Placement (Contract and Rolling) - 'Duration' changed to 'Duration (Weeks)'.

Wording change on interview/offer confirmation alert - 'OK / Cancel' options updated to be 'Yes / No'.


GDPR Consent Denied Alert Message

When accessing a Candidate or Contact who has denied GDPR consent, an alert should appear advising that consent is denied and the record must be deleted. There were instances where this alert would fail to load. This now works as expected.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 06/08/19 – 19/08/19

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 15:33