Release Notes - 19.06.01

Sprint Goal: Deliver the Link to Candidate & Link to Contact feature, so that a Candidate and Contact who is the same person can be connected, with their histories combined.

Upgrade Date: 16/06/19



Link To Contact / Link To Candidate option

It is now possible to Link Candidates to Contacts and Link Contacts to Candidates.

On a Candidate/Contact record, in the View More dropdown, there will be a "Link to" sub menu

  • Link to Existing Candidate/Contact - Clicking this will reveal the entity lookup partial where an existing Candidate/Contact can be searched for and selected.
  • Create Candidate/Contact - Clicking this will navigate the user to the "Create New" form where a new Candidate/Contact can be created. Some values from the existing Candidate/Contact will be automatically populated. On creation, the new record will be automatically linked to the existing record.
  • Go to Linked Candidate/Contact - Clicking this will navigate the user to the linked record.
  • Remove Link to Candidate/Contact - Clicking on this will present the user with a confirmation alert and on confirmation, the link between the Candidate and Contact will be removed.

When a record is linked, an icon will appear next to the records name in the bar at the top of the record to signify that this record is linked. The icon will also act as a clickable link to the linked record.

Also, when a record is linked, the histories of both the Candidate and Contact can also be shown in the same history table on the record. A "Show/Hide Candidate/Contact History" button will appear, which can be used to toggle the visibility of the linked records history.


'Current Employer' field on Candidate record & 'Current Manager' & 'Current Job Title'

On a Candidate record, the Current Employer, Current Manager and Current Job Title will be displayed on the 'Personal' tab.

The three fields come from the 'Current' Experience against the Candidate.

If the information on the Experience come from real records on the system, then these fields will be clickable links that navigate the user to the respective record.

If the information on the Experience is just 'free text', then only the text will be shown and the fields will not be linked to records.

If the information cannot be worked out, then 'Unknown' will be shown.

These new fields are searchable in Search, can be included as column options, and also can be merged into emails and documents.


Add 'Today' Option to Date Control

This release introduces a 'Today' button to date pickers. Pressing this button will set the date field to today's date.

This release also introduces a global setting and user setting, which will set the default start day on the date picker calendar to whatever was defined. If both of these settings are left blank, the default start day on date pickers will remain as Sunday.


Users - Filter Options for Admin, Active and Licenced

Users may now filter the Admin Datatable based on each users Admin, Active and/or Licensed values (no filtering applied as default)


Option To Backdate Email History with New Record

This release adds the ability to backdate emails upon creation of a new Candidate or Contact, this option can be enabled via Global/Personal settings (active as default)


Include HTML version of Parsed File

This release introduces a global/personal setting, which when set will keep a copy of a Candidate's CV when registering a Candidate as part of the CV parsing process. The html document will be visible through the Documents tab.


Broadbean – TLS 2.1 / ‘https’ Update

Further to some Broadbean service upgrades, updates were required to maintain the existing Broadbean integration. No additional functionality applied.


Bug Fixes

Notifications Issue

The process that handles CV links when sending Spec CV or CVs from a Requirement has been updated so that the subsequent notifications will always hold the candidate, document and contact details on the notification.
This is to handle scenarios where the notification is cleared and then the contact clicks the link again. It will also handle if the document is deleted after the link has been sent.


Extending Working For Us Notification

The Working For Us alert will now accommodate for Early Finishes, Extensions and Amendments and will notify users when this is the case as well as showing the last end date of any given placement. The link to the placement will always link to the latest placement.


Increase width of History Tooltip

To assist with reading longer history text content, the history tooltip width has been increased.


Reminder Date on Task fixed to dates after start date

An issue which resulted in the Reminder Task date selection being fixed to only be a date/time after the start date of the task has been resolved.


Global Settings - Remove: Enable Text Kernel Integration

There was a Global Setting to disable the Text Kernel integration, but this CV parser is hardcoded into Colleague 7, so this has been removed from Global Settings for now.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 28/05/19 – 10/06/19

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 16:47