Release Notes - 19.04.02

Sprint Goal: Continue with the Back Office project, with the addition of Rebates against Permanent Placements, also to work on the Tasks area so that this offers task creation and editing options.

Upgrade Date: 05/05/19



Add Rebates option to Permanent Placement

It is now possible to add Rebates to Permanent Placements (only at Level 2 Authorisation).

To be able to view Placements Rebates and to be able to add/edit/delete Placement Rebates, there are two new User Group Permissions.

To view Placement Rebates on a Level 2 Authorised Permanent Placement, click on the 'View More' menu and select 'Placement Rebates'.

A new Placement Rebate can be added by clicking 'Add Placement Rebate', entering all the required details and clicking 'Save'

A Placement Rebate can be edited by clicking on a row on the table, editing the field and clicking 'Save'

Similarly, a Placement Rebate can be deleted by clicking on a row on the table and clicking 'Delete'.

If a Rebate is raised against an Invoice, then that Rebate cannot then be edited or deleted.


Create/Edit Tasks in Tasks Area

Users can now use the Tasks area to create and edit Tasks.

When editing, the user may adjust the task subject, importance, start and end dates, reminder (date/time) and task body.


Working For Us Alert

The Candidate ‘Working For Us' alert can now be used to display upcoming placements as well as current placements based on a Global / User setting. This is under the section ‘Working For Us’ and titled: ‘Mark candidates with upcoming placements as working for us?’


Option for History Form To Appear When Using 'Click To Dial' feature

Clicking the Click-to-Dial button (on all telephone numbers) will now show the Create History form, with the History Type set to 'Telephone', as well as launch the integration telephony device to call out.

This feature will only be available if it's enabled through Global or User settings (Section: System > Description: 'Prompt the Create History function when using the Click-to-Dial feature?')


Turn off 0044 Telephone Number

This release introduces functionality to set a prefix to replace '0044' and '0044(1)' in parsed CVs. The prefix can be defined in Global Settings > under the section 'System' and will be default to '0'.


Status field on Checklist

This release changes the functionality of the Status field in checklists. The Status field is no longer connected to the Notes field and will instead operate independently. A Status can now be saved against the Checklist record, and the Status of that Checklist record will now appear as its own column in the table below.


Add Payroll Reference & NI Number

Payroll Reference and National Insurance Number have been added as fields to Candidate in the Payment Details section. These two fields are searchable, so appear in Candidate Search.

These fields are also mergeable, so will appear as available fields in the Merge Selection drop down when creating an email or document and in the Templates area in Admin.


Lookup Maintenance - Include In Parsing Option

Within Admin, under Lookup Maintenance and Skill Categories. Skill parents with the 'Include In Parsing' option set to 'Yes' will be included in the Skill search when using the CV Parser.  This search will also now include Skill Aliases.


Bug Fixes

Contact End Date can be set to be before the Start Date

This release changes the datepickers on Contact. End dates before the start date cannot be selected, and Start dates after an End Date also cannot be selected. Furthermore, when marking a Contact as Leaver, you will only be able to select an End Date between the Start Date and End Date of the Contact record.


Error Merging Company Records

The issue which resulted in errors when merging Company records together has now been resolved.


When sending a Spec CV the Default Form Fields are for Meeting Requests

There was an issue which resulted in Meeting Request fields being visible when sending a Spec CV email. This has now been resolved to ensure the 'Email' type form is the default.


Radius Searching for Requirements

When doing a Requirement Radius Search it would include the postcodes for all addresses associated with a company as well as the address against the Requirement. It will now only search on the address against the Requirement.


Can Not Email From Offer Records

An issue which resulted in the Email form not being responsive from Offer records has been resolved.


Meeting Request End Date could be before Start Date

When sending a Meeting Request, it would be possible to place the end date before the start date. This has now been resolved.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 16/04/19 – 29/04/19

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 14:22