Release Notes - 19.04.01

Sprint Goal: Deliver the required frontend work to process the sending of emails in an enhanced queue management system.

Upgrade Date: 21/04/19



Frontend / Background Service Updates (For Processing Emails) - Phase 2

The background service that handles multiple emails sent from a search has been updated to write the details to the Azure database rather than Azure Storage, this improves the reliability of email sending and the system’s ability to error log / audit trail.


Admin - Exchange Rates

This release adds a new Exchange Rate section to the Admin area that can be used to add and update exchange rates for currencies and change the active rate for each currency. The default base is set as GBP.

If a currency has associated exchange rates it cannot be deleted until all associated exchange rates are removed.


Add 'Default' Team Setting To User Creation

This release adds the ability to set a default team, when a new User is created they may be assigned to either the default team or any other team by the dropdown in the create user panel.


'View All' option on Requirement Selection

The default for the "Owned By" on the Requirement Selection screen is now driven by a Global and Personal Setting. In Global Settings and Personal Settings, there is a new setting in the Requirement section "Owned By default on Requirement Selection screen". The available options are "View All" and "Current User".
When the selected option is "View All", then the default value Owned By will be " - View All - "
When the selected option is "Current User", then the default value Owned By will be the first occurrence of the current user


Bug Fixes

Bank Details not copied across to Offer / Placement

An issue which resulted in Bank Details failing to copy across to an Offer / Placement has now been resolved.


Go Back To Search Issue

An issue which resulted in the ‘Go Back To Search’ option appearing on the Candidate record toolbar, despite not accessing the Candidate via a search, has now been resolved.


Issue within Search Results, cannot sort by Rank or Custom Fields

An issue which resulted in a user being unable to sort Search Result columns when using numerical fields or custom fields has now been resolved.


Extending a Placement allows a date prior to the original End Date

This release changes the datepickers on Placement. End dates before the start date cannot be selected, and Start dates after an End Date also cannot be selected. Furthermore, when selecting 'Early Finish' 'Extend' or 'Amend', the datepickers won't allow you to select dates before the current Placement Start Date. Loading overlays have also been added to the 'Early Finish' 'Extend' or 'Amend' processes.


Issue Updating Company Name

When updating a Candidate/Company/Contact name, if the name is not actually changed, then an alert bar will appear advising that to update with a different name and no history will be created.


Recalculate Number of Weeks (Duration) on Extension

An issue which resulted in the number of weeks being calculated incorrectly when extending a placement has been resolved.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 02/04/19 – 15/04/19

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 8:01