Release Notes - 19.03.02

Sprint Goal: Enhance the Colleague 7 API further with the addition of links to download existing documents stored against the Candidate record. Also complete the second phase of the Bank Details feature by including this option against the Placement entity.

Upgrade Date: 07/04/19



API - List of Documents Associated to a Candidate record with Download Link

A new "GetDocuments" method has been added to the "Candidate" controller Colleague 7 API solution which will return all available documents from a Candidate record with a download link per document.

New controller "Document" has also been added with a "Download" method which will download a specified document.
Access to documents via the API is controlled by an "Allow API Access" flag in the Admin Lookups Area.

If a Document Type has "Allow API Access" set to No, then it will not be returned or downloaded in either of the above methods.


Background Service Updates (For Processing Emails) - Phase 1

The background Service for sending multiple emails has been updated to use a database table rather than Azure Storage to make tracking easier and the whole process more reliable for customers.


Add Bank Details to Placement (Back Office)

This release introduces functionality to the Back Office tab (Placements), which gives users the option to add bank details to 'Payment Details'.
The payment details that are provided as selectable options are those of the Candidate and/or the Ltd Company (if present). Bank details may only be accessed/added if a user has the appropriate permissions ('View Bank Details - Placement').


Update 'Discard & Update' workflow to confirm Date Sent

This release changes the 'Discard & Update' option when sending CVs from a Requirement or directly from a Candidate (Spec CV). Upon clicking 'Discard & Update' on the email, an alert will be shown, which will allow a user to set the CV Sent date before confirming. The CV Sent date is then appended to all necessary histories. The CV Sent Date will also be applied to the 'CV Sent' column for the selected Candidate/s on a Requirement or the 'Date Sent' column for Spec CV.


Default Interview Stage Settings

This release introduces steps for default interviews, when a user creates an interview for a candidate/requirement the interview type is automatically incremented if the same candidate/requirement has an existing interview (for example if a candidate/requirement had a 1st interview and the user created a new interview for the same candidate/requirement this new interview would default to 2nd interview)
The sequence is based off the interview type sequence value and whether or not the interview type is included in the default sequence (both can be adjusted via lookup maintenance in the admin section).


Option to set Team Overview as Default Landing Page

This release gives the user the ability to change which slide is displayed first on the homepage (current options are either User Overview or Team Overview).

Bug Fixes

Parsing Skill Issue

This release adjusts the skill matching component of the CV parser to be more closely aligned to how it worked in Colleague V6 (Skills will be matched in the document text based on a case-insensitive match of the full skill description).


Select one Requirement on Requirement Selection and press View Records causes error

There was an issue on the Requirement Selection screen which resulted in an error being generated if you selected to 'View Selected Records' with only one Requirement selected. This has now been fixed.

This functionality has also been updated, on all selection screens, so that the 'View Selected Records' option only appears when more than one record has been selected.


Loading overlay when accessing Summary tabs

Previously there was no loading overlay message when selecting a 'Summary' tab. This would result in the page appearing blank for several seconds before the Summary page loaded. There is now a 'Loading Summary...' overlay which appears whilst the Summary is loading.


When you update Contact name, you lose the Company name in the title at the top

An issue whereby the Company Name would disappear from the title bar when editing the name of a Contact has now been resolved.


On Rates, UOM not saving if you select 'Hourly'

There was an issue in Rates (both Requirement and Placement), whereby if 'Hourly' was selected as the unit of measure the value would fail to save. This has now been resolved.


Undo Placement alert missing
When running the 'Undo Placement' or 'Unauthorise Placement' workflow, the reason is mandatory. Before if the reason was blank the OK button would be non-responsive whereas now a user will be advised that the reason field is mandatory if they try to run the workflow with no entered reason.


Update Search Process not to rely on Cascading Search Indexes

When searching, in the event that you wish refine the search, (i.e. go back to the original criteria, edit criteria and combine the results), this was previously working in an inefficient manner at a database level. Code adjustments have been made to improve performance in this area.

Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 19/03/19 – 01/04/19

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

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