Release Notes - 19.02.01

Sprint Goal: Complete work on the Template Management area to allow for the ability to include existing documents with Templates and to undertake a series of performance related enhancements.

Upgrade Date: 24/02/19



Option to Include Default Document

It is now possible, when creating new documents, to select existing .DOCX files held against the record to append to the document.

After clicking 'Create Document' and revealing the Create Document partial view, there is now an "Include Document" dropdown.

This dropdown will list all ".DOCX" documents on the current record.

After selecting a document, this will then appear like an "attachment" (similar to email)


Any number of documents can be selected.

Then after populating the Document Text as usual and then creating the document (via Save As or Send As) the document will be created with all selected documents appended after the initial content.

There is a Global and User Setting to determine whether there is a page break between each document.


In Admin > Templates, when adding a new Document Template, uploading a Template, or editing an existing Document Template, there is now an "Include Default Document" option.

If the "Include Default Document" for a Document Template is set to "Yes" and that Template is selected via Create Document process on a record, then the default document on the record will be selected to be included automatically.

N.B This will only happen if there is a default document on the record and if the default document is a ".docx" file.


Remove OneDrive documents after 7 days

There is now a process that will delete documents from the ColleagueTemp OneDrive folder within the background service if the document was created more then 7 days ago. This is controlled by a global setting which defaults to 7 days, but can be amended by an Administrator.


Recent Searches Kept For Set number of Days

The background service has been updated to include a process to remove any unsaved searches older then a specified number of days.

This is a new global setting under Search Settings, default will be 30 days.


SMS from Candidate tab on Requirement

This release introduces a new option to the Candidates dropdown menu, called ''SMS Selected Candidate(s)". This option allows a user to send an SMS to 1 or more of the selected Requirement Candidates.

A 'Select All' option on the Requirement Candidates table was also introduced as part of this work.


Process To Clear Down Recent Items Table

This release introduces backend functionality to delete recent items in the database. A default configured maximum amount of 100 recent items will be kept. There is also a Global Setting which dictates the number of recent items, this will be default to 100 but can be amended by an administrator.


Notifications Area to Improve Performance

The process to load user notifications has been updated to reduce the amount of database traffic.


Add to Favourites option Added to Requirement Search Results

Within the Search, you can now select a record from within a Requirement Search Result and 'Add to Favourites'.


Bug Fixes

Format Of Emails Changing On Send

An issue which resulted in the formatting of email fonts and styles not being fully retained when sent via the email form has been resolved.


Tickboxes Set From Previous Use When Entering Requirement

An issue which resulted in tick boxes being left ticked even after leaving the record on the Candidates tab of a Requirement has been resolved.


Documents Received Area Not Showing All Available Indexes

On the Documents Recieved area, when attaching a document to a record, it would only list the indexes available against the candidate record. This has now been resolved to list all available indexes.


Spec CV Sent - Create Requirement workflow - Losing Candidate If Mandatory error

When creating a requirement via the Candidate using the Spec CV workflow, if on creating the Requirement a mandatory field request occurred, it would lose the link to the Candidate record and not longlist the Candidate as part of the process. This has now been resolved.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 05/02/19 – 18/02/19

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 08:03