Release Notes - 19.01.01

Sprint Goal: Enhance and refine the Offer/Placement entity workflows in preparation for the Back Office Project, whilst continuing to progress our Broadbean integration.

Upgrade Date: 27/01/19



Account Reference character limit to be set by Global Setting

There is now a global setting that sets the number of characters that can be entered into the ‘Account Reference’ field on Candidates (Payment Details), Companies (Invoice Details), Offers and Placements (Back Office tab).
This is under the System section within the Global Settings in the Admin area


Rewrite Commission Splits Table

The Commission Splits table on the Placement record has been redesigned.
After clicking "Commission Splits" via the View More dropdown on a Placement record, the table showing the commission splits will appear. The user can then click on any of the rows to edit the values of that commission split.  After clicking 'Save', the split will then be saved. The split can also be deleted by clicking on the 'Delete' button.
A new split can be added by click on the "Add User Commission" button


Broadbean Integration - Introduce Adverts Tab For Overview on Advert Status

This release introduces an 'Adverts' tab to the Requirement entity.
The Adverts tab will show Adverts for a Requirement (both Delivered and Expired). When clicking an Advert, the Applications for that advert will appear (providing there have been responses). An Advert can now be deleted by selecting the Advert/Job Board, and clicking 'Delete Advert'. An Advert can be opened by selecting the job board and clicking 'Open Advert' - The Advert will open in a new tab.
Further functionality to follow.


Copy Multiple Ownership On Requirement Over To Commission Splits Table

When creating an offer the Placed By user will be allocated 100% on the commission splits table but all other users that own the requirement will be included in the list with a split value of 0 to allow the values to be amended. If a team is set as an owner then all users within the team will be used - including teams within teams.


API Ability to get skills

A new controller "Skill" has been added to the Colleague 7 API with a "GetAll" method that will return all skills in the Colleague7 database (retaining its hierarchical structure).
The "Get" method of the "Candidate" controller has been updated to also return the skills on the Candidate record.
The "Insert" method of the "Candidate" controller has been updated to also include skills to be added to the Candidate record on creation.
The "Update" method of the "Candidate" controller has been updated to also include skills to be added to the Candidate record.


CV Parsing - Process To Track It's Use

This release introduces functionality which tracks the activity of CV parsing. A record will be created on receipt of a parsed CV, and be used for reporting purposes.

Bug Fixes

Performance Improvements to Background Service

Updates were required to the Background Service further to users experiencing delays with:

  • Email Logging
  • Bulk Email Sending
  • and Document Edits updating back into Colleague (as below)

These are linked with CPU spikes on the Background Service resulting in bottle necks and backlog build ups. An investigation was required to resolve the cause of backlog build ups, as well as additional failsafe options needing to be added for auditing and future troubleshooting analysis.


Merge Fields Not Converted When in Header/Footer/Textbox of Uploaded Template

Instances where merge codes have failed to convert when using an ‘Uploaded Template’ have been rectified. This was due to data dictionary clause issues, rather than require code to resolve. Fix applied to all systems.


Help With Deleting A Skill – Timeout Issues

In instances where clients have a built up a large skills library, when attempting to delete a skill, on occasion it would timeout and fail to deliver.
The necessary failsafes are now in place to ensure the requested data is deleted and all associated records are updated correctly.
This includes the deletion of lookup codes.


Duplicate Candidates from CV Parser Register button

It has been raised that it is possible to double click on the register button via the CV parser and this process create duplicate candidate records.
An update has been applied to animate the ‘Register’ button so that it can not be triggered twice.
Searching by ID shows the blank search message
On selection screens, scenarios have been raised where entering an ID only it has shown the minimal criteria alert message. Updates have been made to ensure the searching process examines all criteria correctly.


Working Date range on Placement Selection error

In the previous sprint, we introduced a date range search to the Offer and Placement selection screen. On the Placement selection screen, the ‘Working’ date range filter wasn’t working correctly.

Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 08/01/19 – 21/01/19

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 11:30