Release Notes - 18.12.02

Sprint Goal: Enhance and refine the Offer/Placement entity workflows in preparation for the Back Office Project

Upgrade Date: 13/01/19



'Include All Teams' option in Selection Screens

When in the Candidate, Company, Contact and Requirement Selection Screens. In the event of an Ownership field being searched against, if the user is associated to mulitple teams you can now select to 'Include all Teams'. This will check all instances of user's ownership regardless of team.


API to Retrieve Details of Existing Candidate Record

A "Get" method has been added to the Colleague 7 API solution to return the details of an existing Candidate record. A "Search" method has been added to the Colleague 7 API solution to return the Candidate Ids of found records according to the supplied criteria.


Update 'Link To Requirement' Workflow in Candidates To Use Partial View

In this release, the workflow to add a Candidate to a Requirement has changed. Linking a Candidate to a Requirement is now done on the same Candidate page. Once a Requirement has been selected, you will be asked whether you wish to Shortlist or Longlist the Candidate to the Requirement, along with adding optional Notes. Once you have submitted this, you will be given a message as to whether attaching the Candidate to a Requirement was successful or not (Candidate might already exist on the Requirement as well). A link to the Requirement is provided in the message.


Skill Grading Be Set As A Lookup

Skill Grades are now Lookups in Colleague7 instead of just being an integer value.

In the Admin area, on the Lookups page, there is a new Lookup called "Skill Grades", selecting this will show the available Skill Grade Lookups.By default on upgrade, each customer will have Skill Grade lookups up to the maximum skill grade used in the system. The descriptions of these can then be edited as you see fit.


Global & Personal Settings to Make User Owner of Requirement on Creation

This release adds a Global Setting and a Personal Setting, which allows a user to control (by setting Yes, or No) whether the Owner property of a Requirement is set against the user (when the Requirement is created). The Personal Setting will take preference over the Global Setting. If the Personal Setting doesn't exist, than the global setting will be used. If the settings have been configured to disallow the Owner property being set to the user upon creation of a Requirement, than the Owner can still be set via the 'Show Ownership' button within the Requirement.


Add ‘Century Gothic’ to the Font Family Styles

"Century Gothic" has been added to the list of available font families on the text editor control in Colleague7Century Gothic. It is also available as a default font family in Global and Personal Settings.


'Other' option when emailing from Offer / Placement

The option "Other" has been added when creating an email on an Offer and Placement.

Selecting "Other" will open up the email form with no recipients automatically added to the "To" field. The option "Both" has also been added.

Selecting this option will automatically add both the Candidate and Contact to the email form in the "To" field.


Offer/Placement Date Searching (Selection Screen)

This release adds date searching to the Offer and Placement Selection screens. On the Offers screen, a user can now search for Offers by Start, End and Created dates. On the Placement screen, a user can now search for Placements by Start, End, Created, and Working dates.


Show Back Office Tab on Offer & Review of Placement Workflows for Errors

The back office tab is now visible at the Offer stage.

As part of a review of the placement workflow as a whole, there were subsequent fixes applied as part of the developmet including:
The values will default from the company and candidate details
Any rates will be carried onto the Offer from the Requirement
When a placement is extended or amended the rates, commission splits, back office and checklist details are now carried onto the new placement
Experience records are created in line with extensions and amendments as well



Bug Fixes

Error Searching For C++

The text search now supports searching for phrases including a + or # character e.g. C++ and C#.


Undo Placement Issues

The Undo Placement process has been validated and updated to prompt for reasons and then to create history records against each entity
It will also update the Requirement Candidate entry to reflect the update.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 11/12/18 – 07/01/19

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken in this sprint.

Runtime: 9:16