Release Notes - 18.12.01

Sprint Goal: Update the Colleague 7 API to support the modification of an existing Candidate record.

Upgrade Date: 16/12/18



Reports: Select All option for multi-selection lists

In the reports area any multiple selection parameter now includes a Select All option.


API - Update Existing Candidate Record

An "Update" method has been added to the Colleague 7 API solution.


Update Dials To Work Against Sequence Numbers

Work has been done to give the ability to set KPI Dial sequences via Global Settings. There is built in functionality to add the sequences on the Global Settings admin page as well, but at this stage it will be for testing only. The KPI dials will stack from left to right and down the page, depending on the number of valid KPI Dials that have been set - there won't be blank gaps for missing KPI Dials anymore. Also, the KPI Dial titles have now been configured as links to surface the table results (as what would happen when you click the dial itself).


Owned By Amendment

This release changes the functionality of the Requirements search. A user can now select to include all teams that the selected Owned By user belongs to, rather than just the one.


Bug Fixes

Owned Company Issue

An issue whereby the Owning Company was not showing on the offer/placement has been resolvedThe Owning Company is now also an option for the Offer and Placement selection pages.


Latest Version of a Document Not Always Being Sent

Issue where the Latest Version of a Document was not always being sent in an email has now been minimised.


Searching For Candidate Secondary Email Address

This release changes the functionality of Contact and Candidate search -  the search now looks over all email addresses (primary and secondary) for each user. On the Candidate search page and the Contact search page, a tooltip has been added to the 'Email' label, and will now surface a useful description.


Error Uploading Template with Duplicate Merge fields

Fixed bug that didn't allow Word docx files to be uploaded as templates if the document had duplicate merge codes and/or text boxes as part of the document.


Create Document on Offer Error Message

Fixed bug when creating a document on an Offer using a template that was uploaded with a Word document.


Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 27/11/18 – 10/12/18

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken for this sprint.

Runtime: 7:37