Release Notes - 18.11.02

Sprint Goal: Establish the necessary path to ensure all clients can utilise the background service for bulk mailing and deliver the second phase of works relating to the new Template Management solution.

Upgrade Date: 02/12/18



Uploading a Word (.DOCX) File as a Template (Part 2)

As per the previous sprint, it is now possible to upload a Word (.DOCX) file as a template. Further to this, in a second phase of development, it is now possible to select an "Uploaded Template" when creating a document on an entity record.

After clicking 'Create Document', the 'Template Selection' dropdown will show both "Web" and "Uploaded" templates:


On selecting an Uploaded Template, a HTML preview (not an exact representation) of the template will be shown with data merged in where there are valid merge codes in the template:


On clicking 'Save As' (or 'Send As'), the document will then be created and attached to the entity record:


The document can be edited in the exact same way as all other documents in Colleague7, in Word Online, which will show the preserved formatting and layout of the original template.


SMS Number and Message Formatting

Several elements of the SMS functionality with Colleague 7 have been updated including:

  • The recipient SMS telephone numbers shown when creating an SMS message now show as the formatted version that will be sent to TextAnywhere for processing.
  • A character counter is now shown below the message text area. This helps inform the user of the maximum number of characters that can be entered (This restriction is imposed by the mobile operators as part of the GSM standard).
  • Users can now send messages with up to 918 characters (see footnote). 
  • Users are no longer able to enter message text above the maximum character limit. This is to prevent SMS messages being rejected by the SMS provider.
  • The alerts shown when required SMS data has not been entered have been updated to bring them inline with the standard format.

SMS message text is now processed in blocks of 153 characters. If a user sends an SMS message with 918 characters, there will be a charge for six SMS messages.

The mobile providers automatically piece the long SMS message together from the multiple blocks so that the end recipient simply receives a single large message with all of the content.



Bug Fixes

Document Can Not Be Previewed

An issue whereby PDF documents would show as text or not at all within the Document Preview on an entity has been resolved.


Latest Version of a Document Not Always Being Sent

When the user now adds an attachment to an email, or selects an uploaded template when creating a document, a check is made to see if any edits are still yet to be picked up by Colleague7.

If an update is still pending, when sending the email a process will run to process all attachments ensuring the latest version of the document is sent.

New Users Not Granted Permission to Use the Background Service (Bulk Mailing)

Changes have been made to the way in which the background worker process accesses and authenticates with the MsGraph API to work with a users Office365 content.

Essentially, the changes allow the background worker to utilise a separate Azure AppRegistration object.

This allows us to keep the original user based AppRegistration permissions at the user level and negate new users needing admin approval when first logging in.

Sprint Review

Work undertaken between: 13/11/18 – 26/11/18

Please watch our short video summarising the work undertaken for this sprint.

Runtime: 9:25